Aisyiyah Job Vacancy: Finance Manager / Coordinator, Jakarta

Position Information
Job code title: Finance Manager/Coordinator

Pre-classified Grade: Managerial level
Supervisor: Authorized Principal Recipient/Program Manager

Organizational Context
Principal Recipient TB ‘Aisyiyah is a Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis & Malaria (GF-ATM) Project to fight Tuberculosis disease focused on community-based activities, managed by Aisyiyah Central Board.  ‘Aisyiyah is a Moslem Women organization founded in Indonesia in 1917 with concern for social and religious issues. In New Funding Model-NFM (2016-2017), ‘Aisyiyah has been chosen as Principal Recipient (PR) of Global Fund to carry out a “Community TB-HIV Care Program” to represent the Indonesian Civil Society. Hence ‘Aisyiyah is responsible to coordinate community level activities of Sub-Recipients (SRs) as the representative of Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s) that currently covers 16 provinces (50% of Indonesia’s provinces) and to be expanded in 25 provinces and 160 districts in Indonesia.

The Finance Manager position is responsible to lead the Finance Team that consists of 3 Internal Control staff and 2 Finance Support staff in PR and Supervised Finance Staffs SRs and SSRs Finance Manager is also responsible to review and consolidate all financial reports (for PR and SRs) for GFATM project, including to actively participate in the audit process (both by the LFA of the GFATM, and the external auditor). The Finance Manager will report directly to the Authorized Principal Recipient, and work in close collaboration with the Program Manager, Field Operations & Monitoring-Evaluation Coordinator and Senior Administration Officer, to ensure that the overall implementation of the project is according to the approved work plan (refer to the timeline and absorption level), as well as, refer to the PIM, PR Finance Manual, and GFATM guideline on Finance Management. In addition, s/he will provide regular monitoring and supervision to guarantee that the PR (includes SRs/SSRs) are maintaining their internal control system that can support its compliance with all requirements of the Grant Agreement.

Summary of Functions and Key Results Expected

Summary of key functions:
  • Manage finance and administration of program and operations implementation strategy
  • Lead coordination on financial management matters with PR’s management and program team
  • Ensure the financial management implementation and audit in accordance with the rules assigned by the PR
  • Facilitation of financial management capacity building and knowledge sharing
Manage finance and administration of program and operations implementation strategy, adapts processes and procedures focusing on achievement of the following results:
  • Full compliance of PR financial processes and financial records with the GFATM and the government of Indonesia’ rules, regulations, policies and strategies;
  • Solid understanding on the Accounting Principles and Audit Procedures to ensure that all financial transactions will refer to the guide lines of GFATM and the government of Indonesia (PSAK);
  • Revise and update financial management guidelines when necessary. Disseminate these updated guidelines to all Grant Management Unit staff and to the Service Delivery Points and provide subsequent training;
  • To be present at various meetings, to address the issues, provide appropriate guidelines for improvising the process, and to identify opportunities for enhancement.
Lead coordination on financial management matters with PR’s management and program team, focusing on achievement of the following results:
  • In close collaboration with the program team to lead the process for effective development of project budget for GFATM Project, its implementation and revisions, including for decision of carry forward and/or reprogramming of the budget;
  • Lead the finance unit to provide monitoring of budget absorption through development of Variance Report on a regular basis and share to all program team;
  • In close collaboration with the program team to review and analyze the Variance Report for provision of proper reasons in the report;
  • Under the guidance of the Program Manager, to organize the meeting on a regular basis to take concrete strategies for optimal utilization of the budget to support better achievement of the program indicators;
  • Lead the finance unit to maintain all financial records for SRs and SSRs to be submitted to PR (electronically) by monthly, for consolidation process in the accounting software;
  • Coordinate the Internal Control staff to maintain and analyze financial report of PR and SRs, to ensure compliance to the required rules/regulations;
  • Responsible to ensure proper entry process of periodic project financial report into the accounting software, for further development of SUF, Enhanced Financial Report (EFR), and PU/DR for submission to the GFATM;
  • Lead the finance unit to prepare quarterly report, six monthly report and annual report for CCM, LFA and GFATM, including to provide inputs to the PR on financial aspect;
Ensure the financial management implementation and audit in accordance with the rules assigned  by the PR, focusing on achievement of the following results:
  • Oversight to the development, implementation and regular monitoring of an internal control program to monitor performance of financial processes, to ensure that:
    • timeline of reporting submission from SSRs to SRs and from SRs to PR, including to ensure completeness of the supporting documents and its compliance to standards and to highlight any deviation from the approved policies and procedures;
    • adequate monitoring of advance register at PR, SRs, SSRs level, including to draft a solution for follow-up actions to the high and long outstanding advances;
  • Supervise to ensure proper control of the supporting documents for payments and oversights of all financial records by the finance unit, including institutionalizing a sustainable system for record maintenance and audit purpose;
  • Coordinate with the Admin Unit to ensure that all procurement of goods and services are in accordance to the PIM and GFATM guideline, are transparent, and well documented;
  • In close collaboration with the Admin unit to provide guidelines on asset management, including maintaining an asset registry, tagging and safeguarding of assets, insurance of assets among others
  • Lead the finance team and in close collaboration with the admin unit to prepare travel arrangements for both official and training participants and analyze the compiled travel expense reports;
  • Lead the finance team to review financial data of the meeting/workshop/training and in close collaboration with the admin unit to verify all settlement report and ensure that any un-deposited cash are kept in minimize, and refunded to the bank at the soonest;
  • Ensure that all payments are in line with the required rules/regulation, ensuring timely, accurate computation and completeness of supporting documentation, on the basis of appropriate authorization (Internal Control Framework);
  • Coordinate the finance unit and in close collaboration with the admin unit to provide advises to staffs, managers and consultants on aspects of any allowances, such as, travel advance and claims, calculation and payment of perdiem or other entitlements, and other financial matters;
  • Lead the finance unit to develop Cash/Bank Reconciliation and Cash Balance/Forecast Report on a regular basis, and ensure its compliance to the GFATM regulation;
  • Coordinate the finance unit to initiate correspondence to verify data, answers queries, and obtains additional information on accounts and financial matters as required, including to response enquiries on reports, procedures, budget, & other finance issues;
  • Supervise the finance unit to provide support on behalf of management in assisting any required (special) audit conducted by the Board of Aisyiyah;
  • To facilitate external audit activity which done by third party appointed by the GFATM and report the finding result to the APR and the Board of Aisyiyah;
  • Review the recommendations of the internal and external auditors, take remedial steps to address the issues, document the actions taken and report these to the Program Manager and APR;
  • To ensure that all Financial documents is maintained properly for minimum of 7 years;
  • To prevent any conflict of interest by following the procedures articulated in the PIM, in accordance with the scope of their responsibilities;
  • Perform other duties as required by the supervisor and/or PR.
Facilitation of financial management capacity building and knowledge sharing in the PR, SRs, and SSRs, focusing on achievement of the following results:
  • Lead the finance unit for development of capacity building plan for finance staff;
  • In close collaboration with the Admin of HR for organizing orientation training to any new staff on a regular basis with includes financial management area;
  • Organization of training for the PR, SRs and SSRs on finance management, audit and/or operations related issues;
  • Together with Internal control staffs, lead the finance unit to develop supervision plan to SRs and SSRs, including development of its TOR that includes mentoring and/or on-the-job training to finance staff;
  • To coordinate finance team conducting regular monitoring (based on the approved plan as above), including to provide reports for adequate follow-up actions;
  • Able to develop and if needed improving Finance and accounting system of the PR;
  • Conduct performance evaluation for finance staffs in PR level and provide staff’ evaluation report that will be benefit to the management decision making process;
  • Lead the finance unit to provide capacity building for the PR, SRs, and SSRs finance staff both on financial planning, and budgeting, as well as, to also cover training on the preparation of accurate financial reports in line with the GFATM requirements;
  • Synthesis of lessons learned and best practices in program finance;
  • Sound contributions to knowledge networks and communities of practice.
Impact of Results
The key results have an impact on the overall PR transparency, accountability, and efficiency in program financial resources management and success in implementation of program/project management/operations strategies.  Accurate analysis and presentation of financial information enhances PR position as a strong implementing partner of GFATM grant.  The information provided facilitates decision making of the management.

Recruitment Qualifications

Bachelor Degree in Accounting and/or Finance, certified public accountant or hold CPA, CFA, CPMA is desirable.

  • A minimum of 8 years of professional experience in accounting/finance, 3 years of which should be at a managerial level from any bilateral/International funding preferably GFATM or international donor agency;
  • Preferably has experiences on managing finance unit and develop budgeting, general/cost accounting or equivalent system;
  • Experienced in developing or outstanding skills for web-based software use, particularly accountancy software;
  • Having significant knowledge on international donor financial reporting procedure especially for grant context and the government of Indonesia’ rules, regulations, policies and strategies;
Other requirements:
  • Able to work with a team, adaptable and output-oriented;
  • Excellent in Microsoft Word and Excel use;
  • High level of attention to detail and accuracy;
  • Able to plan and organize multiple simultaneous tasks efficiently;
  • Ability to rapidly understand and learning programmatic context within every financial transaction;
  • Ability to conduct financial analysis and make constructive suggestions;
  • Strong interpersonal, communication and diplomatic skills, able to work in a team and under minimum supervision;
  • Good writing and reporting skills;
  • Good presentation and communication skills;
  • Ease in communicating with colleagues and third parties via email, conference call, and other electronic communication platform;
  • Ability to work under pressure and stressful situations, and to meet tight deadlines;
  • Native of Fluency in Bahasa Indonesia and excellent command in English is desirable.
We offer competitive remuneration based on qualification and experience. Please submit your application includes cover letter and CV, before 7 Desember 2017, Email : [email protected]

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