Global Green Growth Institute Job Vacancy: Senior Officer, Green Energy - Jakarta, Indonesian

The Senior Officer is responsible for and in charge of the development and implementation of the energy sector work-streams of the GoI-GGGI Green Growth Program in Indonesia. By working with the different directorates of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), he or she will play a leading role in the development of the programs under the two green energy workstreams - Planning and Enabling. The Senior officer will also be a significant contributor to the program's work on promoting public and private sector engagement and financial investments in the energy sector.The Senior Officer will be responsible to organize capacity building and knowledge sharing events (workshops, trainings, etc.) to complement the program activities of green energy sector. Policy analysis and policy advice, both at provincial and national level, as well as strong technical analysis contribution toward project identification, project development and project design are key tasks o f the position. The Green Energy Lead shall ensure the alignment of the green energy sector program with the government's priorities and other key stakeholders in the energy sector.

The Senior Officer, Green Energy will report to the GGGI Principal Program Manager in Indonesia and is part of the global Green Growth Planning and Implementation (GGP&I) team, and will also directly liaise with members of the investment team in Indonesia to contribute to the development of bankable projects and programs. The candidate may be based as embedded GGGI staff in the office of the implementing ministry, subject to approval by the ministry, to be part of the GGGI-Government of Indonesia 'hybrid team'.

  • Responsible for development and management of the green energy sector workstreams by providing both strategic direction as well as by overseeing and direct involvement in the implementation of the activities;
  • Assess issues and opportunities within the green energy sectors for GGGI program development in Indonesia “ at national and provincial level - and propose and develop relevant projects and activities;
  • Ensure alignment of the GGGI's green energy workplan with the Indonesian government's priorities as well as with the priorities and expectations of GGGI donors and other key stakeholders.
  • Jointly formulate projects and programs with the investment team of GGGI Indonesia and the relevant divisions in GGGI HQ within the context of the country program.
  • Ensure timely implementation of GGGI's green energy workplan, manage relevant output budgets and conduct project monitoring and evaluation for activities
  • Work directly with the provincial teams of GGGI Indonesia (and the provincial government) to advance the green energy activities under the planning and enabling workstreams.
  • Perform sectoral analysis “ technical and policy analysis related to sub-sectors - to provide input to relevant government and non-government actors on policy making, implementation arrangements, sub-sector strategic inputs, etc.
  • Manage the team under this workstream, and interactions with other divisions and partners
  • Develop a result oriented reporting framework of the green energy program and articulate results of the energy program activities internally and externally;
  • Develop project execution modality and documents across project management cycle;
  • Perform data collection and analyses to build and maintain knowledge base;
  • Capture lessons learned in project management to support the refinement and improvement of program delivery.

In-country engagement
  • Advise the Country Team and our government counterparts and partners as the key green energy focal point of GGGI in Indonesia;
  • Facilitate dialogues between government partners, energy technology providers, investors, and project developers under the workplan activities, to build support and understanding around GGGI's green energy workplan and help identify sustainable solutions.
  • Maintain active professional relations with government partners and other key stakeholders to capture and integrate their changing needs and manage œclient? expectations;
  • Build and maintain relationships with government agencies formulating energy policies and incentives, operating in Indonesia;

External engagement
  • Collaborate and establish partnerships, where useful, with other national and international non-profit organizations, to collaborate on the development and promotion of public and private green projects and investments;
  • Promote the Indonesia program and GGGI's global efforts with the donor community, private sector, civil society organisations and other stakeholders;
Internal engagement
  • Collaborate with other country teams, units and divisions of GGGI (especially with the Investment and Policy Solutions Division) on identified joint activity opportunities to ensure knowledge exchange and integrated delivery as œOne GGGI?;
  • Act as a focal point for different GGGI teams (in-country investment team and HQ teams) to advise on projects, programs and initiatives that align with the government's priorities and could be taken up for development.
  • Advise GGGI on opportunities for engagement in the energy sector, demonstrating effective adaptation of the GGGI approach.
  • Leads the strategic, managerial and technical elements for the energy work streams to establish a robust energy sector program in GGGI Indonesia;
  • Align closely with GoI priorities when implementing the green energy sector activities, recognizing the importance of government buy-in and ownership in the implementation of GGGI programs;
  • Provides project and policy inputs for GGGI projects across the GGGI member countries focused on (1) mainstreaming renewable energy and energy efficiency into energy plans at national and subnational level, (2) identifying and conceptualizing energy projects and leading them onwards to project preparation with a view to reaching bankability (3) design of risk reduction instruments to support projects reach bankability;
  • Organize policy consultation and validation meetings & workshops, events with key international, national and subnational stakeholders to leverage GGGI's multi-country presence and establish GGGI's name in the international knowledge sharing space;
  • Masters Degree in renewable energy and/or related subjects
  • Minimum of 7 years of work experience in the field of green energy with at least 1-2 years of working in international settings
  • Technical and policy expertise in the energy sector of Indonesia, demonstrated through project work
  • In-depth technology knowledge of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Areas of immediate priority are solar power, wind, bio-energy and various waste to power technologies (such as POME), investment grade audits.
  • Demonstrated experience in strategic and analytical thinking and preparing reports, including the types of analysis specific to the objectives and scope of this position.
  • Demonstrated ability to represent organizations to government officials and develop and carry-out a strategy
  • Demonstrated team management experience in multicultural setting
  • Demonstrated capacity in facilitating in-depth and effective stakeholder dialogues while maintaining a strong sense of realism with regard to country conditions.
  • Outstanding interpersonal and stakeholder engagement skills, and consensus building skills, able to foster strong relationships with key energy related government agencies, financial institutions and responsive to government needs
  • Flexibility, responsiveness, and ability to manage multiple activities to tight deadlines, and with demonstrated ability to lead and work in multidisciplinary teams;
  • Strong oral and written English, fluency in Indonesian is a plus
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
  • Experience with working in an international organization

Closing Date: 07 December 2017