Lowongan WASH Officer Penempatan di Banten, Jawa Barat, Jawa Tengah, Jawa Timur & Sulawesi Selatan

Assignment: WASH Officer

Responsibility: Ensure the technical relevance of WASH knowledge and skills are internalized within Water.org financial institution partner’s staff

Location: Banten, West Java, Central Java, East Java, or South Sulawesi as assigned by partner

Duration: 1 year contract, with possibility of extension

Persons: 5 staffs

Water.org is a U.S.-based, non governmental organization working to increase access to water, sanitationand hygiene (WASH).  Water.org has succeeded in changing lives of millions of people around the world by providing access to clean water and sanitation facilities.  Water.org played a role in the WASH sector to find innovative financing models, which supports transparency and partnership with stakeholders to continuously provide more change.

Water.org’s vision: “Safe water and the dignity of a toilet for all.”

One solution of Water.org is WaterCredit, which is an innovative solution to help tackle the global water crisis.  Water.org partners with selected microfinance institutions (MFI) to develop a new product for financing water and sanitation facilities.  These partner institutions must deliver activities in order to roll out the product to the entire operational area.

Main function of WASH Officer:
WASH Officers will be hired by Water.Org’s MFI partners to support the implementation of the WASH loan product with MFI’s internal staff in order to reach standard target of loan disbursements per branch.  WASH Officer will be supervised by WASH Coordinator and working collaboratively with MFI management team, branch offices, and Water.Org Program Manager.


  • Strengthening capacity of MFI’s internal team in head, regional, and branch offices
    • WASH Officer will travel constantly to train MFI’s field staffs about the new WASH lending product.  When entering a new area, WASH Officer will assess the potential demand for WASH loan product within the branch’s coverage area.  Then, WASH Officer coordinates with head office management for support on training field staffs and ensure they are able to deliver the standard operational procedures for the product.  WASH Officer will closely assist and monitor to ensure that branches have sufficient procedural and WASH technical capacity to properly disburse the product.
  • Establish relationship with relevant stakeholders in WASH sector to support the product targets
    • In addition to assessing the potential demand, WASH Officer must identify the existing local WASH stakeholders.  Coordinate with local government institutions such as Dinas Kesehatan, PU, Puskesmas, and Dinas Kebersihan to oversee existing programs or opportunity for collaboration that might overlap with the product.  At the same time, MFIs require WASH supply chain providers to build the necessary facilities such as mason, material stores, manufacturers, water supplier (PDAM, PAMSIMAS, etc). are responsible to build good quality WASH facilities as requested by MFI’s client.  WASH Officer connects the WASH providers with MFIs staff for construction orders and quality assurance.
  • Reporting assessment, progress, phase out, and administrative requirements
    • In order to facilitate the successful run of the new WASH loan product, WASH Officer must provide regular reporting to the MFI’s head office team.  The reporting includes: tracking loan disbursements in each branch, resolving branch challenges together with the management team, and informing progress to the head office team for follow up actions.

  • Academic background at least diploma, but prioritize bachelor degree
  • Has working experiences in water, sanitation, or other relevant sector (construction, civil, environment, or public health)
  • Comfortable traveling extensively to MFI branch offices on daily basis
  • Target oriented, motivated, and pro-active both working in team or independent
  • Leadership, organizational skills, and strong integrity
We would only accept applications that include CV and 1 (one) page essay answering “How does your experience and skills make you fit for the position of WASH Officer?”.  Please submit both documents by email to [email protected] and [email protected] no later than January 22nd, 2018 noting “WASH Officer_(Preferred Province) in the subject line.

Applications that fill in these criteria will be reviewed as they are received.