Borneo Nature Foundation Job Vacancy: Content Writer, Palangka Raya

Borneo Nature Foundation is looking for a new Content Writer to write impactful stories and engaging content about our project activities and outcomes for global audience. 

Borneo Nature Foundation’s field programmes are based in the Sabangau, Rungan, and Barito Ulu Forest in Central Kalimantan. Throughout our programmes, we support and empower community-led initiatives to protect forest and biodiversity, including anti-logging patrols, fire-fighting teams, environmental education and the replanting and restoration of damaged forests. All our field programmes include high-quality scientific research as a basis for protectiong and managing forests, and we have particular expertise in monitoring the distribution, population status, behaviour and ecology off Borneo’s flagship ape species; the Critically Endangered orangutan and Endangered white-bearded gibbon. We provide training and capacity building for local students, researchers and conservation-area managers, and work with a number of partners to implement successful conservation projects. 

Based in Palangka Raya, the successful candidate will work closely with Borneo Nature Foundation staff across all programmes to identify and write interesting and engaging stories and news for the Borneo Nature Foundation website, social media, press and medial document our field activities and events; produce content for the BNF website and promortional materials; develop a media contacts database; translate BNF documents, and train and support Borneo Nature Foundation staff on how to write effective stories and blogs. The successful candidate will also be expected to familiarise themselves with the full spectrum of Borneo Nature Foundation’s field activities to enable them to effectively fulfill their duties.

We are looking for a creative organised and motivated person, who can identify and compose interesting stories, has excellent written skills in English and Bahasa Indonesia, an ability to communicate complex messages to the intended audience, and has a basic biological knowledge and dedication to wildlife conservation. Candidates must be able to manage a flexible, productive schedule, including emails, phone communications and face to face meetings, and manage themselves effectively to meet deadlines. The candidate need to be able to work independently and as part of a team, have a good social skills, and be outgoing and confident.

Duties include: 
  • Working closely with the Online Engagement Officer to identify stories from within and outside of BNF to share across BNF communications channels; 
  • Writing interesting and engaging news and blogs for publication on the BNF website and social media;
  • Encouraging and coordinating all team members to write interesting and regular blogs for posting on the BNF website;
  • Working closely with the Communications Development Manager and Online Engagement Officer to improve and update the content of the BNF website;
  • Participating in BNF field activities and events (including meetings, workshops and socialisations) for photo and video documentation, and identifying and writing stories;
  • Interviewing BNF staff and other parties (for example BNF partners) for identifying and writing stories;
  • Identifying potential opportunities for press releases and media stories, and contributing towards/leading the writing and distribution of these, in consultation with the Communications Development Manager;
  • Developing BNF’s national and international media contacts database;
  • Assisting with writing text for BNF promotional materials (for example leaflets, brochures and organisation profiles);
  • Translating documents for internal and external use in accordance with the BNF Translation Protocol, including communications materials (e.g. website, blogs and leaflets), letters, protocols and any other documents on request;
  • Provide training and support for BNF staff on how to write interesting and engaging stories.
Experience and Requirements :
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in either science communications, journalism or other relevant topics preferred;
  • Previous Content Writer experience and evidence of output production;
  • Excellent writing skills and the ability to write in a number of different styles/tones for various audiences in Bahasa Indonesia and English;
  • Ability to identify, research and write interesting stories, and to effectively communicate complex messages to the target audience;
  • Ability to enthuse others to identify and share stories;
  • Creativity, highly organised, motivated, confident and outgoing;
  • Excellent computing skills, including Microsoft programmes;
  • Good knowledge and understanding of social media, websites and the press and media;
  • Strong interest and dedication to wildlife conservation;
  • Photography and filming knowledge and experience preferred.
Reports to:
Communications Development Manager 

Salary and benefits:
Dependent on qualifications and experience 

Term of the contract:
One year (extendable upon agreement by both parties) 

Application deadline:
21 February 2018 or until the position is filled. The interviews will be held during the last week of February 2018.

How to apply:
 Please send (a) a covering letter detailing why you believe you are suitable for the position; (b) two reference letters; (c) an up-to-date CV and (d) an example based on a contemporary environmental news story that illustrates your ability as a Content Writer; to Wiwin (BNF Human Resources Department) at [email protected]