Informasi Dana Hibah Tahun 2018 Dari Lembaga Islamic Relief

Calling Proposal: Islamic Relief Worldwide - Indonesia Field Office to Partner in STRIDE Project
Term of reference
Humanitarian Department of Islamic Relief Worldwide oversees disaster preparedness and timely and effective response to disasters and emergencies to reduce suffering and loss of life. The Humanitarian Department supports Islamic Relief’s capacity to respond to anticipated humanitarian crises by coordinating the deployment of emergency personnel to the site of the crisis within 72 hours and by ensuring staff are recruited and retained for emergency programmes.
Islamic Relief Indonesia   as part of regional humanitarian department response team, has been included in STRIDE (Strengthening Response Capacity and Institutional Development for Excellence) Project by IRW Humanitarian Department through series of capacity building for Islamic Relief staff/partners and entitled for 10,000 EUR project Grant project in order to strengthen the humanitarian capacity within Islamic Relief Indonesia.
One of Grant outputs   that has been agreed between Islamic Relief Indonesia and STRIDE is partner organizational Capacity Assessment for emergency response, linking relief to rehabilitation and transition from recovery phase to sustainable development.  This partnership aims to produce humanitarian investment plan and action toward resilient community in Indonesia. The selected partners further  will be invited to sign the standby/ standing agreement to mobilize  its resources and capacities in  field deployment with minimum  supervision from Islamic Relief Indonesia depending on the  response scenario, scopes of woks  and the services that required by Islamic Relief  Indonesia. Upon this selection, Islamic Relief Indonesia will capacitate the partners in self-capacity assessment using Islamic Relief Worldwide tools.
Islamic Relief Indonesia since  was officially registered to work in Indonesia has been responding to many disasters in Indonesia for the last ten years such as Tsunami in Aceh 2004, Padang Earthquake, 2009, Volcanic Eruption in Yogyakarta and the last earthquake 2017 in Pidie Jaya. One of them was the deadliest disaster that ever recorded by history.   During emergency response, Islamic Relief Indonesia received international recognition from other aid agencies, the United Nations and the Indonesian government. However after 2010, Islamic Relief operations Indonesia has scaled down its operation while the capacity of government and local organizations have been increased and improved in responding to disaster, this could be proven from many disaster incidences in that local NGOs were in front line to respond disasters together with government. Thus Islamic Relief in the future will focus on raising funds from overseas partners or institutional donors and share humanitarian responsibilities with the local organizations to work together in helping the suffering and vulnerable people affected by tremendous disaster.
Islamic Relief is intending to cluster the area of partnership:  Cluster (1) Sumatera, Cluster (2) Java, Cluster (3) Nusa Tenggara and Bali, Cluster (4) Kalimantan Sulawesi and Papua.
Following this, Islamic Relief Indonesia is inviting local organizations to submit their expression of interest to be partners of Islamic Relief Indonesia to [email protected] the latest at 17.00 Jakarta Timeon February 15th 2018
Note: Only potential candidates will be shortlisted.
  • To  assist Islamic Relief Indonesia  in ensuring  measures taken for any disaster emergency reaching the affected people in the location with assistance from selected local partners
  • To assist Islamic Relief Indonesia in  increasing  the capacity of local community in disaster and improving  their  coping mechanism
  • To deliver humanitarian aid  within 48-72 hours
  • To Assist Islamic Relief in formulating and developing  disaster response partnership model that could be replicated by other NGOs
  • To ensure the affected disaster people living with dignity and build back their future
  • Partnership standing agreement
  • Self-Assessment Tool
  • Local organization has been  registered as per Indonesian law
  • Inclusiveness regardless of gender, religion race and ethnicity
  • Proven experiences in disaster emergency response more than 5 years
  • Familiar with SPHERE, CHS and humanitarian code of conduct will be advantage
  • Recommendation letter from UN, International NGOs, central and local government
  • Has organization management system and financing system
  • Has complaint mechanism system
  • Previous working/partnership with Islamic Relief will be an asset
  • Ability  to produce situation report
  • Mastery of Rapid assessment tools
  • Has technical resources  in disaster response sectors such as  Shelter, WASH, Child protection, Livelihood
  • Understand the disaster cycle and DRR
  • Experience in project management  and community engagement