Lutheran World Relief Job Vacancy: Trainer of Cupping for Youth in Ende, NTT

Lutheran World Relief (LWR), a U.S. based non-profit development organization engaged in seeking lasting solutions to poverty and reducing risk, is seeking an experienced Trainer of Cupping for your in Ende, Nusa Tenggara Timur.
Trainer need to submit their CV, including information who they have been trained before, training agenda and cost to LWR.
This training is considered as first step of youth to establish coffee business, for them to learn coffee from downstream to upstream, a very basic introduction about coffee cupping should be included in curriculum. In additional to that, linking coffee quality with farm practice will be preferred.
Trainer need to details on how many das the training will be take for how many hours with training session. LWR will not provided any cupping equipment, which the trainer need to be included in their proposal. All proposal should be submitted at by February 20th, 2018 to l[email protected]
The participation of youth in agriculture is decreasing national wide due to irregular and unstable income. Likewise, food crop, in coffee commodity, there is limited number of youth who actively engaged. Indonesia Statistic Board noted that number of farmer has decreased and 5 million households are no longer farmer. The age of farmers is getting older. 60.8 % of farmers are at above 45-year-old with limited education background (basic school only) and lack of new technology adoption. In contrast, regeneration process particularly on food related farming is very slow and youth prefer to work in industry sector instead of farming. Youth viewed agriculture did not provide regular income since the profit will be received only during harvest session instead of monthly basis. Moreover, agriculture did not also give stable income during its harvest due to many factors, such as production failure and market price fluctuation. Consequently, youth preferred to work in the city for different types of job, including daily labor. Combined with selling farming land and convert it to the infrastructure, such as hotel, shops, and tourist facility, this, furthermore, has caused decreased agriculture productivity. There are many variables influence youth’s (within farmer families) passion to be farmers, including sex and main activity/occupation, interest, ambition, and knowledge on farmer regeneration. 
Lutheran World Relief (here and after refer as LWR) is starting the project in Detusoko, Ende, Flores to increase youth participation in agriculture by proving that agriculture is promising income source through creating entrepreneurship opportunities and improve on-farm practice. Youth will be engaged not only in farming and cultivating coffee or other crops, but also in building entrepreneurship utilizing value added from their farming product. 
One of the support is to provide youth capacity in establishing cafĂ© as one of market access for their coffee production. In order to that, youth need to improve their capacity in understanding coffee quality, which also known as coffee cupping. 
The objective of the training is to provide training on coffee cupping for at least 10 youth in Detusoko, Ende. 
At the end of the training session the result expected as follow:
  • Participants understand and skill about cupping technique, including scoring
  • Participants understand on what make different taste of brewed coffee
  • Participants understand how their farming/post-harvesting practice may reflect on coffee quality 
Time and venue 
The training will be conducted in Detusoko on March 2018.