Bhumihara Job Vacancy: Assistant Field Coordinator, Jakarta

Bhumihara is a social enterprise who synergizes with the local people in establishing and operating an integrated waste management system in small islands. We envision clean small islands in Indonesia where wastes are managed and treated locally, creating positive impacts not only to the environment but also to the local livelihood.

We're calling the intern for Assistant Field Coordinator


  • 18-25 years old
  • Willing to live in a small island for 3 months (May-August 2018)
  • Interested in learning new things, especially waste handling and community development 
  • Active in community/organization
  • Independent
  • Creative 
  • Self starter
  • Preferably able to ride motorcycle and have license
Submit your cv and essay with topic "Why Waste Management is Important in Small Island" to [email protected]