Royal Lestari Utama Mencari Tenaga Konsultan Independen Untuk Kawasan Kalimantan Timur

Wildlife Conservation Area (WCA) Establishment as a part of Sustainable Natural Rubber Plantation Development

Royal Lestari Utama (RLU) – established as a joint venture of Michelin and a subsidiary of the Barito Pacific group in 2015 – operates three licenses covering 71,000 ha in BTP, PT. Wanamukti Wisesa (WMW) and PT. Lestari Asri Jaya (LAJ) as well as 19,000 ha in East Kalimantan, PT Multi Kusuma Cemerlang (MKC). All areas have been heavily deforested by mostly migrant encroachers. Barito and Michelin joined their expertise in agronomy and re-milling and established RLU to better manage the area through a combination of nature conservation and socially inclusive rubber plantation development.

As a part of its Bukit Tigapuluh landscape conservation strategy, WWF through a commercial subsidiary and together with other CSOs (Kehus, Frankfurt Zoological Society and The Orangutan Project) established ABT, which received a license to manage a large portion of the last remaining lowland forest in the landscape. WWF then proposed that RLU protects and restore WCA, so ABT concession blocks and WCA can together service as 48,000 ha conservation forest buffer zone on the southern flank of BTPNP. RLU decided to join the coalition and rezoned WCA as a fully protected conservation area and to take on a challenge to regain control over the land in WCA, most of which is currently controlled mostly by people from outside the province through illegal land grabbing. The success of this project will demonstrate that environmentally responsible corporations, conservation NGOs, and national park officials can work in tandem for the preservation of biodiversity of global importance.

The following urgent actions are set for the first 3 years (2018-2020):

  • Output 1: RLU continues protection of remaining natural forest in the concession in partnership with BTPNP and Law Enforcement agencies. Patrol by existing 11 rangers already trained using SMART Patrol tool covers both the natural forest and WCA.
  • Output 2: Identify all land tenures and regain “control” of the area. Regaining the control of the area are through 1. law enforcement in case of illegal land users and 2, Community – Based Framework Agreement and Development of Sustainable Land Use Management in WCA in case of local communities with proper tenure rights through public consultation, participatory mapping, community development and provision of employment opportunities in RLU’s rubber plantation development activities and/or WCA management activities (Outputs 1 and 3) to reach long term land use agreement to protect the area. This must conform to internationally recognised standards of Free Prior Informed Consent (FPIC).
  • Output 3: Establish WCA management unit, implement Human Elephant Conflict Mitigation Strategy and integrate WCA into the national elephant conservation plan. Management unit to be in charge of all activities in WCA as soon as ready, including protection of areas as arrangements with current claimants have been reached and monitoring of the project impact
Scope of Work, Specific Tasks and Responsibilities:
Under direct supervision of RLU’s Director of Corporate Affairs, the consultant will carry out the following tasks:

  • Compile and assess existing information and data and drafting of relevant reports, progress notes, concept notes and design documents related on Wildlife Conservation Area (WCA) Establishment Project.
  • Review technical information/reports produced from work on baseline planning and social planning on land tenure identification;
  • Prepare a report documenting key findings and any relevant gaps from available documentation and interviews with key personnel.
  • Provide an objective recommendation as to whether the technical information/reports produced from work on baseline planning and social planning on land tenure identification to ensure that these are in line with internationally framework of IFC Performance Standards (notably PS 5 and PS 7) and align with FPIC principles.
Expected Deliverables:

  • Draft report by 20 August 2017
  • Final report by 27 August 2017
Final Product and Deliverables:
High quality of final draft of the report on baseline planning for WCA. Final product of this assignment will be in English. A two-page summary in English is also required.

Required Qualifications:

Minimum Requirements
  • Graduate degree in a relevant field (development studies, gender studies, politics, social studies and so on).
  • Minimum 7 years of relevant experience in conducting socio-economic analytical studies and program implementation with a focus on community development and empowerment, and demonstrated experience in project management (design, implementation, budget management, monitoring) in Indonesia.
  • Has conducted work of a similar nature (i.e. SIAs) in the last three years
  • Has knowledge and experience in accordance to the IFC PS 5 and PS 7 framework in Indonesia, for land use related project assessment and framework/action plan is mandatory
  • Highly developed written and spoken communication skills, in Bahasa and English.

  • Result focus
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Self-starter with a proactive attitude, able to operate with limited information and work under minimal supervision
Technical/Functional Skills

  • Demonstrated strong experience in analytical and research skills as well as in applying participatory tools and methodologies;
  • Practical and technical working understanding of gender equality and inclusion, demonstrated by experience implementing activities with gender and inclusion considerations in Indonesia.
Evaluation: applications will be evaluated based on the cumulative analysis.

  • Technical Qualification (100 points) weight; [70%]
  • Financial Proposal (100 points) weight; [30%]
  • A two-stage procedure is utilized in evaluating the applications, with evaluation of the technical application being completed prior to any price proposal being compared. Only the price proposal of the candidates who passed the minimum technical score of 70% of the obtainable score of 100 points in the technical qualification evaluation will be evaluated.
Technical Qualification Evaluation Criteria:

Obtainable Score
  • Education : 10%
  • Essential knowledge and experience: 60%
  • Language and report writing skills: 30%
  • Total Obtainable Score: 100%
Only the candidates who have attained a minimum of 70% of total points will be considered as technically qualified candidates who may be contacted for validation interview.

Financial/Price Proposal Evaluation:

  • Only the financial proposal of candidates who have attained a minimum of 70% score in the technical evaluation will be considered and evaluated.
  • The total number of points allocated for the price component is 100.
  • The maximum number of points will be allotted to the lowest price proposal that is opened/ evaluated and compared among those qualified technical candidates who have attained a minimum of 70% score in the technical evaluation. All other price proposals will receive points in inverse proportion to the lowest price.
  • Submission of Application :  Interested candidates are encouraged to submit an electronic application to [email protected] with cc to [email protected]  Not later than Friday, 27 July 2018.
Submission package includes:

Updated CV
Narrative and Financial proposal based on each deliverable including timeline.
Payments : Payments for this consultancy will be based on the achievement of each deliverable and certification that each has been satisfactorily completed.