AECOM Indonesia Job Vacancy: Training Specialist, Lombok - NTB

  • Based in Lombok, Indonesia
  • Full-time Position
The Provincial Road Improvement and Maintenance Program (PRIM) aims to improve the way local governments manage and maintain road networks in their jurisdiction on a sustainable basis, raise network quality, improve road safety, increase provincial and district budgeting for road maintenance and encourage public scrutiny of the effectiveness of maintenance planning and delivery.

The main objectives of PRIM are to:
  • Strengthen the institutional capacities and standards for better maintenance of the existing road network within the provincial and local government, and 
  • Develop a sustainable model for using conditional grants to incentivize better governance, quality and value-for-money in maintaining local roads.
PRIM commenced in the province of Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB) in 2013, initially concentrating on the provincial road management and extended to a pilot district government unit, West Lombok Kabupaten.

It is designed to improve regional government performance in the planning, preparation, management and implementation of road maintenance through a ‘carrot and stick’ approach of using output-based grants to incentivize quality improvements and increased public scrutiny to increase accountability. The model has successfully leveraged significant improvements in local government performance in road maintenance, not only by focusing on technical aspects, but also on governance, management, transparency and professionalism of all partner organisations involved.

AECOM has been engaged as the PRIM Project Implementation Unit Consultant (PIUC) since 2015, providing support to the implementing parties including support in preparing engineering designs and bid documents, while carrying out training and institutional strengthening activities and providing institutional support to the maintenance works program across the Province of West Nusa Tenggara.

AECOM manages all functions required to implement PIUC activities including providing technical, managerial, and administrative support. The 2018 PRIM PIUC work program will include the development, delivery and refinement of a series of PRIM systemic Training Modules.

We are seeking expressions of interest for a Training Specialist - Technical who will perform the following duties:
  • Determine what information still needs to be identified and collected to develop six Road Management Training Module Packages. 
  • Continue to develop and deliver training modules and develop a framework for delivery.
  • Establish broader engagement from government and industry nationally to undertake a meta-analysis of available road maintenance training to identify options and gaps within Indonesia. Assess all available training providers and their training units. Prepare a report to inform and recommend comprehensive training coverage of all areas required for road maintenance.
  • Provide guidelines for a Module design multi-media team (video production and editing, translation, graphic design/art, and journalism/story-writing) to enable them to complete their work effectively and efficiently within the contract period.
  • Prepare a six monthly summary overviewing the work that has been done to date on the Training Program.
  • Work with the knowledge management specialist to develop and make operational the Road Management Knowledge Hub for Indonesia.
To be considered for this role, you will tertiary qualifications in a relevant field, e.g. engineering, training or education. You will be required to demonstrate your experience in road management sector, and developing training modules/ materials and delivering training for international development programs in Indonesia. In addition, you will demonstrate your ability to develop partnerships across a range of government, private sector and community stakeholders.

The position will require you to have the ability to communicate effectively in English. The ability to communicate in Indonesian Bahasa will be an advantage.  You will also have well-developed interpersonal and communication skills.

To apply, please visit our website at:

Your application will need to include:
  • A cover letter and signed CV, including a declaration that the information provided is true and correct
  • Names and contact details for two referees
  • Please be advised that the successful applicant will be required to undertake a police clearance
Application close Monday, 27 August 2018

AECOM Services Pty Ltd is an equal opportunity employer of choice and is committed to child protection.

Women are encouraged to apply

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