The Forest Trust Job Vacancy: HR and GA Manager, Semarang

TFT (The Forest Trust) is an international fast growing non-profit organization which helps companies transform their supply chains across the world for the benefit of people and nature.

TFT is seeking an experienced and motivated professional

HR and GA Manager
Based in Semarang, Indonesia

About The Forest Trust (TFT) 
TFT currently has offices in 16 countries including SE Asia, India, China and several locations within W est Africa, Europe and the Americas. We employ more than 260 people worldwide and work with big and  small  companies, communities  and  producers  of  raw  materials  to  create  compelling cases  of transformation. W ith an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, we work on the ground with people to create inspiring transformation stories. W e focus on creating value, engage without judging and carry hope and a positive vision of the future.

What Makes Us Unique 
Beyond providing advice on policy set up based on our strong technical expertise, we see the world through interactions a  relationships. Operating  between  two  worlds  (NGO-Companies/Buyer-Supplier), we encourage our partners to look inside, and are not only their environmental conscience.. In addition to traceability and assessments, we create and innovate solutions to the challenges companies and communities face.
  • A unique work experience in a fast-growing and dynamic non-profit directly impacting the conservation of the environment and improvements in human rights and social equity through supply chains.
  • A dynamic environment with the chance to work on a multicultural team.
  • The opportunity to gain experience in advanced project management, client relations, environmental, social and labour issues, with exposure to many diverse projects.
  • The opportunity to work with high-level managers and topical experts in leading domestic, regional and international corporations.
Responsibilities and Scope 
  • Independent management of complex areas with alternating tasks;
  • Strong conceptual, creative thinking and self-initiative skills;
  • Managing advisory and/or coordination functions, with a very minimum supervision support;
  • Ability to deal with a wide range of cooperation partners at a senior level;
  • Human resource management, including preparation and selection, development and evaluation, wages package, compensation and protection and career path;
  • General affairs, including general legal services – office, vehicle, medical, insurance, equipment –, as well as travel and accommodation arrangements; and
  • Managing various staff, such as the senior HR & GA officer, senior legal officer, administration assistant, office boy, driver and security.
Requirements – Candidate Profile Minimum Qualifications 
  • Graduate / Master’s degree with specialisation in related field;
  • 7 / 4 years relevant occupational experience; and
  • Well-versed with Indonesian laws and regulations related to legal operations, human resources, immigration, and tax;
  • Strong management experience
The Human Resources Manager will be a member of the TFT Team, focusing on human resources management aspect related to human resources, general affairs, and legal in Indonesia. Strong writing skills are also required, as the position will involve writing reports and proposals. Strong spoken and written skills in Indonesian and English are a plus

Other Information:
  • 1 year, extendable
  • Willing to travel throughout Indonesia
To Apply 
Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume via e mail to: indonesia.recruitment@tft- earth.org 

The position will be open until filled. Only selected candidates will be contacted.

Note: Please put the title of job position on your email subject