ICCO Cooperation Job Consultant: Movie Documentary Relief Assistance To Earthquake - Affected Community, North Lombok



ICCO Cooperation is a global, non-government organisation, work towards principle “Securing Sustainable Livelihood, Justice and Dignity for all’; because a livelihood without rights is not sustainable, and because dignity only comes with a livelihood in which rights are respected’. Together with public and private partners for 50 years ICCO have been working with farmers, small entrepreneurs, and marginalized groups, globally in four program strategies; economic empowerment, food security and sustainable consumption, responsible business, and emergency response, in five regions; Southeast Asia-Pacific (ROSEA), South Central Asia, Latin America , West Africa, and Central Eastern-Southern Africa. ICCO ROSEA implements program in Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, and Vietnam.

Emergency Response to Assist Earthquake-affected Community in North lombok

Sunday 5 August 2018, North Lombok and East Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia was hit by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake at 6:46 PM local time. This earthquake exacerbated damage in areas previously affected by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake on 29 July 2018, which killed 17 people and injured over 160. The epicenter of the earthquake was 18 km north-west of East Lombok. A tsunami alert was sounded but later cancelled. The worst-hit areas are North Lombok, East Lombok and Mataram City. The Provincial Disaster Management Agency initially reported that 82 people died, and the latest reports from the National Agency for Disaster Management as of 10 August indicate at least 347 casualties, 1,033 seriously injured, and 270,168 displaced. 67,857 houses and 458 school buildings were seriously damaged. These numbers may still increase in the next few days.

Aftershocks are still going on. As of 4:00 am Indonesian local time there were 116 aftershocks with smaller intensities. These multiple shocks have been led to extensive damages of housing, infrastructures, combining with inability of vulnerable groups being identified and addressing the needs.

ICCO committed to increase the effectiveness humanitarian assistance of ACT Indonesia Forum by supporting the Emergency response to ensure the fulfillment of basic needs and rights of the affected community, implemented by the national members, YEU & PELKESI, aim to reach 1,500 community member, specially elderly people, pregnant women, lactating mothers, children under five years old, and people with special needs, through providing assistance in shelters, water and sanitation, health and nutrition, and protection-psychosocial support.

The humanitarian assistance that ICCO committed has strong element of market-linked and market-integrated emergency response, means the response is operated with good understanding of the market capacities and capabilities, enabling to have effective responses; maximum fulfillment of basic need, and fastening to recovery phase.

Purpose of Consultancy
The purpose of this assignment is to document the market-linked and market-integrated emergency response to earthquake-affected community in North Lombok, to document market assessment and analysis joint initiative, to document the earthquake-affected churches in Lombok.

ICCO ROSEA is seeking a documentary filmmaker to direct and produce a high-quality 8-10 minutes documentary showcasing emergency response that link to market in targeted area, the process of emergency response, and the connection to market, the market assessment and analysis approaches, and the affected churches and Christian community situation after the shocks.

The documentary aim to reach public audience, therefore serves campaign, and summary of emergency response activities, led by ACT national members, involving churches-based organisation, and other stakeholders. in this regards hearing directly from affected community; the women and man, youth, people with special needs, the market traders, the farmers, the preachers, the member of churches, will effectively illustrate the impact or market-linked and market-integrated emergency response

Specific Task for Filmmaker
  • Coordinate with ICCO, ACT members, to draft a brief synopsis and script setting out the situation of target community in targeted area, to address the purpose of the documentary, after completing the draft, get approval by relevant ICCO staff (communication & DR3P)
  • Establish a plan, schedule to conduct interviews with key stakeholders,
  • Visit the target area and do the film clips, images of key meetings, /interviews with ICCO, ACT members, PGI, Jakomkris-TBI, local churches, film any other relevant clips and images based on the approved synopsis.
  • Narrate, edit, providing dutch and english subtitles, produce a high-quality documentary on the situation, response of affected community, the value-chain actors on the market-linked and market integrated response, member of the churches (as approved synopsis), and share the draft version to ICCO for review and consent.
  • Provide 8-10 minutes DVD of the final, approved documentary with proper background music in finest and high video format, including HD, AVI, and MP4.
  • In addition to documentary, capture at least 50 high quality pictures of activities and target groups of emergency response.
Deliverable Outputs
The main outcome of this consultancy is to direct, edit, produce 8-10 minutes documentary film on the situation of the affected community, and area, the emergency response activities that utilise the market capacities, and the situation of affected local churches, and member of the local churches after the earthquakes.

  • Submission of final master high quality video in HD, AVI, MP4 formats
  • Raw footages captured in project areas
  • Provide at least 50 pictures of ACT ER activities/ beneficiaries with name of subject in pictures, brief description of activity, location, and the date picture is captured.
Duration, Location of the Assignment
ICCO will sign a contract for one month, inclusive of at least 15 working days. during contract period, based on activities in field. ICCO will coordinate with ACT member and inform the consultant when to join field team to field visit to North Lombok in order to film the activities.

ICCO Responsibility
  • Establish and facilitate the contact with ACT member, and any external contact needed, identify the content, can capture of footage.
  • Coordinate with ACT for field visit, ACT member to set up appointment Responsibility
  • Review and approve the work plan, including schedule for filming, timeframe and approach to be used;
Provide reference material;
  • Identify thematic cases for documentation;
  • Provide feedback when and where necessary;
  • Meet the relevant costs related to this production,
  • Review and approve the draft and final production as stipulated in the deliverables section of contract
  • ICCO will select the most-effective proposals. the budget should cover all costs of the production, travel, and any other costs associated for the completion of the work. Consultant is required to organise and fund their own duty of care arrangement as required.
  • The payment shall be based on financial proposal developed, and through cross check bank transfer in two installments;
  • 1st installment of 50% of submission of synopsis/ scripts of the assignment
  • 2nd installment of 50% of final payment upon submission final output, incorporating suggestion and recommendation from ICCO
  • Above three years of experiences in film production
  • Experiences in producing development and humanitarian -related documentaries for national, international organisations, aim reaching local and international audiences
  • Excellent technical capacities.
Interested applicants send the following documentation to: n.aeni@icco.nl, before September 7th, 2018;

Cover letter, highlighting its experience with copies of some recent documentaries made for reference and quality check.

Full costed proposal including details of work plan and cost; taxes, travel, accommodation, meals, lodging, expenses for activities, number of days, crews.