Care International Job Vacancy: Partnership Manager, Jakarta - Indonesian

CARE Indonesia is currently recruiting:

Partnership Manager
  • To work closely with national NGOs/civil society organisations on delivery of effective humanitarian assistance as well as technical capacity building and organisational development.
  • To lead the Humanitarian Partnership Strategy.
  • To work with the humanitarian team, appropriate partner organisations and other actors to develop a comprehensive partnership framework.
  • Carry out a humanitarian partner mapping, working with others in the CARE programme and the wider NGO community, and to manage and be responsible for a transparent selection process of partners.
  • To participate fully in strategic planning in the Humanitarian Programme, contingency plans and other programme planning processes, and to ensure that selected humanitarian partners are involved where appropriate.
  • To engage with the development programme to capture learning, work towards synergy and ensure that partnership work is integrated in wider capacity building initiatives, and embedded in the country strategy and ways of working.
  • Support selected partners to carry out a self capacity assessment, highlighting areas in need of support, and agree on a Capacity Development plan for each NNGO, which may include training, mentoring, field trips, shadowing, exchange visits, CARE staff seconded into partner etc
  • Work with the partner organisations on programme planning and design, and integrate their ideas and objectives into the CARE  programme, focusing on supporting partner ideas and strategies where possible.
  • Where possible, facilitate partners’ direct access to donor funding, without passing through CARE.
  • Set up a monitoring agreement with each partner, with a dual emphasis on compliance and risk management for funds and goods, as well as a monitoring plan to measure the impact of the capacity building programme on organisational capacity and ability to implement good quality programmes.
  • Ensure that the partners receive adequate support on finance, logistics, HR, reporting and other organisational requirements.
  • To work at all times to build a close, two-way working relationship where partners are respected, listened to and supported and to create an open channel to discuss challenges and constraints as they arise.
  • To help the CARE  team to identify appropriate and realistic entry points for work with partners on the ground, and ensure that the teams have the support to carry this out effectively and sensitively.
  • Work with NGO fora towards a greater voice for NNGOs in the humanitarian system (coordination and advocacy).
  • Ensure learning from partners is fed into CARE strategic planning.
  • Post Graduate Degree or Degree with equivalent work experience from a recognized University/college in Humanitarian Assistance or Capacity Building or any other related area that can bring added value to the job;
  • Relevant international experience of 3-5 years in humanitarian work with partners, preferably in an international NGO/operational UN agency/equivalent;
  • Extensive experience in partner capacity development role;
  • Knowledge and understanding of the principles and standards of programme quality in emergencies;
  • Experience of designing and implementing gendered humanitarian interventions;
  • Excellent communicator with strong written and reporting skills, and an excellent ability to influence verbally to persuade with diplomacy and tact;
  • Excellent verbal and written English skills;
Please APPLY HERE as soon as possible with a resume in English.
Only successful candidates will be contacted.