FHI 360 Job Vacancy: Senior Technical Officer, Online HIV Outreach & Marketing - Jakarta

Position Title: Senior Technical Officer, Online HIV Outreach and Marketing

The Senior Technical Officer for Online HIV Outreach and Marketing is responsible for managing the LINKAGES project’s online outreach methods promoting HIV services, including through the UpdateStatus.id website where clients can assess their own HIV risk and book services for themselves. S/he is responsible for (a) providing technical leadership, assistance and oversight on online HIV outreach and services; (b) managing and supporting LINKAGES staff to develop, carry out, and complete deliverables supporting online HIV outreach/services in a quality and timely fashion; (c) ensuring the quality and use of data across online HIV outreach and services; and (d) contributing to the Indonesia evidence base in online HIV outreach. S/he will also be responsible for the development of the annual and quarterly work plans, budgets, and satisfactory responses to all reporting requirements for online HIV outreach and service provision in the targeted provinces. S/he will facilitate coordination of all client-facing online mechanisms for HIV outreach and service provision with national, provincial and district level GOI and CSO stakeholders.

This role will guide and oversee four main online outreach streams that will lead clients to access services through Update Status including:
  • Coordinating a team of online community-based support staff who will reach members of the target audience online through individual chats.
  • Engaging high-profile “influencers” and other people with a large following on social media to promote HIV services and remove barriers to services.
  • Coordinating and implementing periodic online advertising campaigns on a variety of platforms linking clients to UpdateStatus and contributes to brand awareness.
  • Facilitating partnerships with other online campaigns to link clients for services through UpdateStatus (like GueBerani, TestJTK, Marlo Chatbot, etc.).

In addition to the above, the role will support UpdateStatus to build and maintain its brand awareness on social media through posts on the UpdateStatus Facebook and Instagram pages and offline activation at clinics and through physical outreach efforts and events. S/He will also be responsible to coordinate closely with several partners including:
  • Creative agencies tasked to design collateral for all online outreach streams
  • Developers who add and edit features on UpdateStatus website
  • Influencers who need support and guidance on messaging/posting and processing payments
  • Community advisory team members who meet periodically to review UpdateStatus and provide advice for improvements
  • Community-based organizations that manage the online community-based supporters who help clients to use UpdateStatus and also offer accompanied referrals to services sites.
  • Platforms and apps useful for collaboration and ad postings, such as dating apps and Google/Tech Soup for advertising on Google.
  • Other relevant partners

The position will be based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Indonesian nationals are encouraged to apply.

Suitably qualified candidates openly living with HIV and/or who are representative of the key populations affected by HIV are also actively encouraged to apply.

  • Responsible for the development, implementation and oversight of LINKAGES online outreach and marketing for HIV services in Jakarta, Indonesia (namely linked to UpdateStatus)
  • Maintaining the brand identity and presence of UpdateStatus, particularly among populations at risk for HIV in Jakarta
  • Collaborating and coordinating partnerships with a verity of stakeholders to offer clients high quality and convenience HIV services through UpdateStatus.
  • Engaging, guiding, and monitoring the work of influencers who promote HIV services to their followers
  • Supervising and ensuring the quality of online community-based supporters who implement HIV outreach online
  • Lead appropriate local strategies for related community-based services support at the national, provincial and district levels.
  • Support data collection activities to learn about the target audiences for online HIV services and engage members of these target audiences in the program through advisory teams and focus groups.
  • Responsible for the development of the annual and quarterly work plans, budgets, and all relevant reporting requirements related to online HIV outreach and services in the LINKAGES program.
  • Ensure the achievement of high quality results/deliverables in accordance with the targets identified in the LINKAGES work plan and performance monitoring plan..
  • Coordinate with the Ministry of Health, Provincial Health Office and Provincial AIDS Commission, CSOs and community groups in Jakarta to support direct service delivery and technical assistance for HIV community-based services.
  • Oversee the production of timely and accurate technical reports and materials, as required by the LINKAGES program.
  • Facilitate the development and utilization of appropriate quality control and quality assurance systems for all aspects of online HIV outreach and services.
  • Provide technical leadership on the HIV CoPC cascade, and facilitate online to facility linkages.
  • Monitor all online HIV outreach and  service activities in the provinces and identify significant issues and provide recommendations to improve the LINKAGES program.
  • Represent LINKAGES at senior level meetings and conferences
  • Directly manage a variety of LINKAGES Special Experts
  • Report regularly on progress and status of LINKAGES HIV community-based service activities in Indonesia
  • Perform other relevant duties as assigned       

  • Comprehensive knowledge and practice of online and social media interventions for at risk populations
  • Understands the HIV-related needs of key population groups in Indonesia, including female sex workers, men who have sex with men, PWID and transgender individuals and has worked to support and implement HIV community-based activities that reduce stigma and discrimination
  • Excellent and demonstrated project management, supervisory and capacity building skills
  • Sensitivity to cultural differences and understanding of the political and ethical issues surrounding public health issues among key populations in Indonesia
  • Ability to provide strategic leadership and advice to team, exchange information and collaborate with colleagues and peers within and outside the organization/project
  • Ability to meet deadlines with strong attention to consistency, detail, and quality
  • Ability to travel within country or region and internationally if needed


  • Post-graduate degree in relevant field
  • At least five years of online and/or social media experience
  • Demonstrated capacity building, management and partnership experience
  • Proficient in both written and spoken English language and fluent in Bahasa Indonesian

This job description summarizes the main duties of the job. It neither prescribes nor restricts the exact tasks that may be assigned to carry out these duties. This document should not be construed in any way to represent a contract of employment. Management reserves the right to review and revise this document at any time.

Interested candidate please submit your CV by the latest 15 December 2018 through the career portal below.