MSI - CEGAH Project Job Vacancy: IT Developer, Jakarta

Terms of Reference

Position: IT Developer
Required Task: 18
Languages Required: English & Bahasa Indonesia
Duration of Contract: December 2018 – June 2018
Working Period: 60 Days

The Government of Indonesia (GOI) manages a number of social welfare programs, such as programs to provide electricity subsidies, food assistance for marginalized segments of society, social security programs through the Indonesia Health Card (KIS) and Indonesia Smart Card (KIP), and the Village Fund program. To ensure that all of these programs run smoothly, the government needs an effective feedback mechanism to link beneficiaries and bureaucrats, and to link government officials in the field with those in the central government.. While this feedback mechanism takes on a crucial role in directing social welfare programming, is also has broader applications for the GOI’s entire public service portfolio.

As such, Presidential Regulation (Perpres) No. 76/2013 on Public Service Management System, established SP4N-LAPOR! as an integrated public complaints management system. SP4N-LAPOR! has since been used as the official platform to handle complaints about public services. USAID CEGAH has supported important developments of the LAPOR! application, including a comprehensive upgrade from version 2.0 to version 3.0. Through a number of feature enhancements, and an overhaul of the underlying database structure, the new system is expected to be capable of handling a much larger number of complaints. Currently, there are 777.036 active users, and institutional accounts for 958 government agencies (548 local government, 34 ministries, 56 non-structural institutions, 116 state own enterprises, 130 public and private universities, and 130 foreign affairs representatives.

The upgraded system is also expected to be able to provide access to a greater number of simultaneous users, along with improvements in data visualization, agency structure data management, and independent user management by each agency. To date, the development of LAPOR! version 3.0 has completed, and will be launched in early 2019.

During FY 2019, USAID CEGAH will continue to support the implementation of LAPOR! by commissioning an overall review of version 3.0, including aspects of user-friendliness, security, and also the readiness of the application to be used nationally. To follow up on the findings of the review, CEGAH will also support the development of version 3.1, which will add features to oversee the Village Funds program, to integrate LAPOR! with the Ombudsman RI’s case management system, SIMPeL, and to accommodate additional operational needs.

At the same time, USAID CEGAH will continue to support the LAPOR! transition process from KSP to KemenPAN-RB. Whereas the project’s previous support focused on LAPOR!’s operational aspects, future support will focus on its more technical aspects. In regards to this transition phase, KSP and KemanPAN-RB need an IT expert to ensure that the LAPOR! application (either version 2 or version 3) can continue to run smoothly during this transition.Referring to this needs, USAID CEGAH is keen to hire an IT Developer to support this process.  The IT developer will work under the IT officer, to ensure the development is accordance with the needs of the LAPOR! stakeholders. The IT developer also will work closely with the grantee from USAID CEGAH that had been selected to develop the LAPOR! version 3.1.


To support the GOI to maintain and improve SP4N-LAPOR! development of version 2.0 and version 3.

Scope of Work:
IT Developer will work under the IT Officer to maintain and improve the features in SP4N!-LAPOR, including:

Maintenance and refinement of the existing system (20 days)SP4N-LAPOR! is an online application, therefore it and the server run on require maintenance to ensure it remains available 24/7/ The IT developer will support the IT officer to deliver following result:
  • Operations to minimize downtime affecting SP4N-LAPOR! version 2.0 and version 3.0 and to rapidly recover functionality following an outage.
  • SP4N LAPOR bug finding and fixing.
  • Create an automated test to ensure SP4N-LAPOR! system easier to test and more stable
  • Create a Help desk /service request ticketing system in regard to bugs finding and fixing.
Supporting Integration with the SP4N-LAPOR! system (20 days)
To make LAPOR! a one -stop national complaint handling system, the application needs to be integrated with the local complaint handling channels that many government institutions have already developed.  In LAPOR! version 2.0, this integration has been handled through an API. However, as version 3.0 was developed, the underlying database was completely overhauled in order to enhance performance. As a consequence, the accompanying API -which allows for the integration of mobile apps and independently developed complaint handling systems -also needs to be updated to reflect new field and table names.

Local governments have often struggled to integrate their indepent systems with SP4N-LAPOR! despite the obvious advantages doing so would offer. Therefore, the IT  Developer is expected to support the IT officer to create ease to understand documentation to explain the integration process to non-technical audiences, and to provide technical documentation for the API and the API key generation process for technical developers.

In regards to system Integration, IT Developer scope of work will be as following:
  • Support the IT officer to identify common problems GOI entities have faced in the integration process.
  • Fix the bugs and add minor features to the API version 2.0 to support the integration efforts.
  • Create and API version 3.0 and maintain backwards compatibility with 2.0
  • Support the IT officer to create/enable a system for the automated creation of API keys, without the need for static IP addresses, in order to enable the accelerated integration of independent complaint handling systems.
Data Management (10 days)SP4N-LAPOR! version 2.0 had a simple data warehouse which are outdated and not reliable when it comes to data request and statistic purposes. By creating a Data Warehouse, it is expected that the request for the data and statistic from LAPOR! can be access without interfering the data from the transactional database. Create Data Warehouse in SP4N-LAPOR! version 3.0
  • Create Data Process that transfer Transactional Database to Warehouse 
  • Bug Fix and Maintenance the Data Warehouse
Create a Social Media Handler (5 days)Develop Social media Handler to help admin easier turn them into complaint and better user experience and open more channel to the user.
  • Create Auto Reply Bot that answer every time user mentioned a specific hashtag in twitter
  • Create a Facebook and Instagram handler that grab any complaint been sent to the SP4N-LAPOR! Account
  • Enable Chatbot to receive and answer complaint from Social Messaging App such as Line, WhatsApp, Telegram
Conduct an UI UX Improvement ( 5 days)With the advancement of technology people tend to choose a simpler application. So, the main goal of UI UX Improvement to make user easier to send complaint and every interaction with less click.
  • Simplify each business process with less click
  • Mobile first application and web development
  • Create a 2-way sided SMS
  • Make admin easier to learn the system
Other task as assigned 
The IT Developer will support the IT Officer to collaborate with the respective SP4N-LAPOR! stakeholders, namely KemenPAN-RB, Kantor Staf Presiden, Ombudsman RI, and the USAID CEGAH complaint handling consultant for the improvement of this application.

The IT Developer may be asked to take on additional tasks as identified by these key    stakeholders in order to improve the system.
  • Monthly Report on the technical development for LAPOR!
  • Report/Documentation on the social media Handler 
  • Report / Documentation on the creation of the Data Warehouse
  • Documentation on the API version 3.0
  • Final Report on the technical development for LAPOR!
  • A professional with at least 1 years of experience in Software Development
  • Understand PHP Programming Language
  • Understand PHP Framework (Especially OctoberCMS, Laravel and Code Igniter)
  • Understand Social Media API (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
  • Able to Work in Team
  • Understand MySQL
  • Know about Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Other Programming Language will be a Plus
Application should include a CV (including three references) and contact information by November 24, 2018 at the latest. Please send applications to  Only candidates who have been selected for an interview will be contacted. No phone calls, please.

MSI is an EEO/AA/ADA Veterans Employer.