PLAN International Job Vacancy: Development of Financial Literacy Module, NTT

Yayasan Plan International Indonesia (YPII) is a humanitarian organization that advances children’s rights and equality for girls. It is currently implementing its country strategic 4 (CS4) covering a fiscal year of 2018 to 2022with the main objective of identifying and facilitating the removal of obstacles.Indonesia’s economy is thriving and with all its natural and human resources.
Development of Financial Literacy Module
Mata Kail "MAri KiTA KreAtif Agar Ikan Lestari" ("Creative Solutions for Sustainable Consumption and Production of Fish) supporting by SWITCH Asia II Program is EU Funded Projectfocuses on promoting Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) in the Fish Processing Sector in three districts in NTT (Sikka, Lembata, and Nagekeo)The project is designed to address key problems related to sustainable fish processing, underemployment of young people (and specifically young women), and poor nutrition at village levelMore specifically, the project will assist fish actors to reduce spoiling fish due to processing inefficiency and limitation of equipment’s, to prevent chemical contamination during fish preservation, to increase employment, and to recover nutrition of malnourished families (stunting) particularly for those in remote and semi-remote villages.
In improving the entrepreneurial abilities of young people, one of the things that needs to be improved is the ability of Financial Management. For this purpose, YPII will work with the university team to develop Financial Literacy Modules. This developed module is expected to be widely used for training organized by the Government to reach out to parents or the community in general.
Assignment to team external
The assignment is to develop certain Financial Literacy Modules based on best practices and existing modules.
Overall and specific objectives of the assignment
The main objective of this assignment is to develop Financial Literacy Module by incorporating important messages pointed out on several existing modules related to: The benefits of financial literacy for the community are (1) Able to choose and utilize financial products and services that are suitable for their needs; has the ability to do financial planning better, (2) Avoid investment activities in financial instruments that are not clear, (3) Get an understanding of the benefits and risks of financial products and services. The ability to process financial information and make decisions about personal finance.
Submission Protocol (for team external)
First step: Consultant send application to: George.Manu@plan-international.org; Ronald.Stefanus@plan-international.org; and cc. to; Ajun.Khamdani@plan-international.org; Mexy.Nenobais@plan-international.org; with subject line: “Expression of Interest for Module Development of MATA KAIL Project, Name of applicant” before 5 PM, 21 December 2018 by enclosing the following required documents:CV (for Team Consultant). Letter of interests to apply. General budget proposal.
Seconds Step: Based on received letter of interest, budget proposals and organization profile, Yayasan Plan International Indonesia will shortlist candidates and invite them to present strategic plans for these research activities. Yayasan Plan International Indonesia will afterwards proceed with selecting and appointing a consultant. Only shortlisted team will be contacted for recruitment.