Syngenta Global Job Vacancy: Program Development Agriservices, Indonesian

Role Purpose:
To support the Agri-service various projects that SFSA will implement in Indonesia. Program development, implementation of management and metrics information reporting as well as monitoring project plans, schedules, budget, and expenditures, organizing, and ensuring project deadline are met in a timely manner.

The role will require analysis of the farming operations, monitoring of income and expenses and the development of financial cases that will support stakeholder and member growers.

Scope and responsibility:

  • Identify program development to support scaling up
  • Involvement in base line studies and areas include assessment of the initial income status of stakeholder and member growers.
  • Develop performance metrics.
  • Coordinating with Agri-service Field Officer.
  • Evaluate the effect of the Agri-service projects on the income of the stakeholders, growers and society.
  • Track, monitor, compile and summarize project progress and provide regular updates to the line manager.
  • To participate actively and effectively in the project teams as required making necessary actions and recommendations.
  • To work closely with all project members where relevant and appropriate.
  • To maintain the organization highest standard of professionalism at all times.
Detailed description of the job:
  • Recommendation of program development to existing or new program
  • Implement tools and develop techniques for measuring and reporting performance metrics on assigned areas and projects, responsible for developing and running weekly, monthly and annual reports.
  • Business Plan development to support projects and act as champion of new methodologies and ways of doing monitoring and evaluation of projects.
  • Ensure the implementation of e-hub in Pancer Tani and running as plan
  • Maintenance database of performance metrics.
  • Responsible for the general administration of Agri-service activities is maintained appropriately for each projects, including managing MoU, events, expenses, etc periodically.
  • Create projects timeline and evaluate for fulfilling each goal and objectives.
  • Maintain a close view on developments and trends in the market, particularly those affecting markets and the projects.

  • Reports to the Agriservices Manager.
Type of person required:
Analytical  - Initiative taker - Dynamic - Aggressive - Integrity - Independent -  Leadership - Strong interpersonal relationship - Expressive - Agile.

  • Bachelor degree in Economic/Management/Agribusiness.
  • Minimum 1 year experience as business or program development team.
  • Experienced in NGO would be more advantage.
  • Good communication and speaking in English.
  • Must be willing to travel with extended trips to project areas.
  • An ability to work under trying conditions in developing or less developed areas.
  • Must be computer literate in Word and Outlook. Strong skills in Excel and PPT.
Evaluation Criteria:

Job Specific
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Strong in Data/Numbers
  • Analytical Skill
  • Presentation Skill
  • Time Management
  • Project Complexity
  • Project Versatility
  • Resourcefulness
Personal Traits
  • Work Standard
  • Motivations & Enthusiasm
  • Independent and High Initiative
  • Contribution & Opinion
  • Discipline
  • Minimum supervision