Fairtrade Asia Pacific Job Vacancy: Program Officer, Jakarta

Vacancy Announcement: Program Officer

Location: Indonesia, Home based with extensive field travel

Network of Asia and Pacific Producers:

Fairtrade Asia Pacific, registered as Network of Asia and Pacific Producers’ (NAPP) Hong Kong, is a mission based social enterprise which facilitates Fairtrade producers in Asia and Pacific region to be effective in various functions and activities across the region through a wide range of products and services. To that end, NAPP engages in advocacy, consultancy, support services – marketing and financial, information dissemination and training. NAPP is a multi-stakeholder body comprising representatives of producer organizations, Fairtrade Premium Committees, small farmer organizations and promoting bodies who are certified by or registered with the Fairtrade International. As the official representative of Asian and Pacific Producers within Fairtrade International, NAPP also works to ensure that Asian and Pacific realities and conditions are taken into account while setting Fairtrade Standards without compromising on the basic principles of Fairtrade.

NAPP is seeking a dynamic, results oriented development professionals with excellent grassroots training skills and motivation to continue working at the grassroots level. The candidate must possess excellent critical thinking and conflict management skills, as well as communication skills suitable for remote team participation.

NAPP is interested in increasing its investment in field support activities towards the development of better quality and more comprehensive systems, processes and projects at the grassroots. As part of this NAPP wants to ensure increased capacity to lead and support activities in the Asia and Pacific regions where its producers and programmes are based. At the same time, NAPP is assuming greater operational responsibility within the Fairtrade system, and have an interest in strengthening their own capacity to deliver field support to producers and to enhance the effectiveness of their work as well as to contribute to growth of Fairtrade in the region. The program officer will work within the regional/national context for capacity building and coordination, under direct supervision from NAPP central office.

The program officer will be a part of NAPP’s on-ground execution team. The officer will be instrumental in leading progress towards greater cost-effectiveness, quality, and coherence in the working of national networks. In this role, it is envisaged that, officer will influence the future development of producer organizations in terms of quantity and quality and will help to build collaboration with National and regional civil society organizations. 

Reporting and communication lines: Regional General Manager for South East Asia region (NAPP) or whomsoever the NAPP management deems appropriate 

Objectives: The incumbent must 
  • Work as a seamless conduct in transfer of information from producers to NAPP management.
  • Increase the number of certified producers (either by membership growth of existing organizations or certification of new Producer Organizations).
  • Strengthen the capacities of certified producer organizations to meet Fairtrade standards and benefit from Fairtrade.
  • Liaison and facilitate information exchange between producers and NAPP and take active instructions for implementations from the NAPP management on producer needs, market needs, monitoring and evaluation data needs etc.
  • With support from the NAPP leadership team, develop partnerships for complementary producer service delivery, leveraging financial and human resources and technical expertise.
  • Act as the local / or regional coordinator commissioned by NAPP - commissioned expert in Fairtrade standards, certification processes, and other Fairtrade strategic areas of importance.
  • Strengthen the capacities of certified producer organizations to meet Fairtrade standards and benefit from Fairtrade
  • Trainings on Fairtrade standards, certification processes
  • Develop partnerships for complementary producer service delivery, leveraging financial and human resources and technical expertise
  • Whenever applicable support producers in accessing market opportunities in coordination with the NAPP management and other Fairtrade NAPP strategic areas of importance
  • Support in increase the number of certified producers (either by membership growth of existing organizations or through formation of strategic partnerships)
  • Work according to agreed terms of reference with defined deliverables to meet identified supports needs of both producers and Fairtrade International 
  • To act as the locally based coordinator between the producers, potential partners and stakeholders with proactive reporting to the reporting officer
Overall competencies
  • Knowledge and/or work experience with any ethical certification and standards
  • Communication: Skilled partnership and relationship builder; networker; effective trainer
  • Basic book keeping and accounting
  • Extensive knowledge and experience of working with farmer organizations and/or cooperatives; and in the thematic areas of climate change adaptation, gender, child labor elimination highly desirable
Must haves: The incumbent must
  • Be ethical, loyal and genuinely interested in farmer development
  • Possess critical thinking and excellent conflict management skills 
  • Have a strong work ethic, be keen to grow, develop and be a go-getter.
  • Strong written (MS Word/ PowerPoint) and Oral Communication Skills (Local languages and English)
  • Be willing to travel frequently, if/when needed, to remote areas to provide support to producer organizations
Requirements and Expectations:
  • Passionate about the mission and the vision of Fairtrade NAPP and keen to make a difference to farmers, workers at the grassroots level. Willing to go beyond the job description and make things happen
  • Preferably university degree in business, agricultural, social, or economic science or development studies
  • Field experience or interest in working with producer organizations. At least five years of professional working experience, preferably in extension education, training of farmers, workers
  • Good contacts or willing to establish local NGOs and government resources
  • Ability to work in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity and gender balance
  • Dynamic trainer - Team player: ability to establish and maintain effective working relations with others in the system and other partner organizations.
  • Familiarity with local culture - Fluency in English 
  • Prepared to travel as frequently as needed in the region in basic conditions
  • Proficient in the use of computers, including MS Office, Internet
  • Experience with book keeping, accounts management and administrative skills
  • Experience with Corporate Social Responsibility and certification systems would be a plus
Key Result Areas
  • Deliver services in line with the instruction from supervising officer, including certification advisory services
  • Utilizing NAPP Operating Model and based on tools designed for identifying and prioritizing producer needs, service delivery, and for planning and documentation
  • Communicate relevant information regarding Fairtrade system to Fairtrade applicant and certified producer groups as well as local and / or regional partners
  • Identify, build relationships and network with a wide range of quality service providers in the respective region / country in line with NAPP partnership strategy
  • To support producers in accessing available support service.
  • Support the implementation of targeted, prioritized projects being delivered through partners
  • Coordinate activities of special programs of NAPP in your geography
  • Work with and train other selected quality service providers and partners of Fairtrade NAPP on standards and certification processes as required
  • Following up with programs and other services in accordance with NAPP policies and guidelines.
And, in general, carry out all the responsibilities entrusted and broad directions given from NAPP management.

Terms of the contract:
  • Consultant contract during probation. Upon successful completion and satisfaction performance will be provided with a long term yearly renewable contract.
  • Start date as early as possible.
  • Location of the post: Consultant must live in Indonesia to facilitate efficient access to the producer organizations in these states
  • The officer will work travel frequently within the region of responsibility.
  • Applications (Motivation letter indicating how the incumbent fits the requirements and why the incumbent wishes to apply for the post, honorarium indication and Curriculum Vitae) should be sent
  • All necessary training and support will be provided both on ‘’induction’ as well as on-going basis.
  • The incumbent must expect very active management by the reporting officer
Deadline for applications: 10th January 2019; only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

Please send your CV with a reference and motivation letter at [email protected] with CC to [email protected]

Only those candidates considered for an interview will be contacted. Last date of application is 10.01.2019.

NAPP is an equal opportunity employer.