IBU Foundation Membuka 10 Lowongan Untuk Penempatan di Palu - Sulawesi Tengah

IBU Foundation
Yayasan Indonesia Bhadra Utama (IBU Foundation) is focused on strengthening community empowerment, research and two-ways policy engagement, in poverty alleviation, maternal and child health, early childhood development as well as disaster risk reduction programs.
IBU Foundation (IBU) is currently responding to the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Central Sulawesi by sending the trained volunteers and staff to implement Psychosocial support and Non-Food Items (NFI) distribution through programs which are titled “Rumah Kencana”. After the interventions, however, there is a need for IBU to scale up the current response to fill the gaps in health, nutrition and sanitation, and hygiene, especially during the early recovery phase which will possibly last more than 3 months.   In this current project, IBU aims to provide services to 10 affected locations in Donggala and Sigi Districts which can include IDP camps and affected villages.  The project duration is for 6 months with possible extension based on the needs.
The objective of the project is to establish sufficient access to affected population especially mothers and children to health and nutrition services and sanitation and hygiene facilities.
The project has four outputs which are:
  • Output 1. Health Service:
    • To provide access to affected population especially mother and children to integrated health services
  • Output 2: Sanitation and Hygiene Promotions:
    • To provide sufficient access for children and mothers to hygiene kits and hygiene promotion activities to prevent some key diseases by promoting Hand Washing and Distribution of Hygiene Kits
    • To ensure sufficient access for affected population to latrines
  • Output 3. Infant Young Child Feeding in Emergency (IYCF-E)
    • Increased access of Pregnant and Lactating mothers to trained IYCF Counsellors (peer counselors and/or BF counselors)
    • Increased access of Pregnant and Lactating mothers to information and IYCF counseling activities
  • Output 4. Nutrition Surveillance, Supplementation, and Referral
    • Establish nutrition screening for Children under 5 using Middle Upper Arm Circumferences (MUAC)
    • Provide targeted supplementation for malnourished children (HEB and other micronutrient supplementation will be provided by MOH/ Nutrition Sub-clusters
    • Provide support for families with children of SAM who need to be admitted to TFC/Hospitals

To  support the effective and efficient implementation of the project, IBU Foundation looking for some candidates for:
  • Project Coordination (1 Position)
  • Administrative and Finance Manager (1 Position)
  • Administrative and Finance Officer (1 Position)
  • Medical Doctor (1 Position)
  • Midwife (2 Positions)
  • Nutrition Surveillances Officer (1 Position)
  • Nutrition IYCF (Infant and Young Child Feeding) Officer (2 Positions)
  • Sanitation Hygiene Officer (1 Position)
  • Sanitation Engineer Officer (1 Position)
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Officer (1 Position)

All position are based in Palu, Central Sulawesi for 6 months (with possible extension)
For detailed job descriptions CLICK HERE
How to Apply
Please fill in the application form on the following link: CLICK HERE and send your CV at the latest 9th January 2019 to peopledev@ibufoundation.or.id with a title of the position in the email subject, for example: “Sanitation Hygiene Officer”.