Lutheran World Relief Job Vacancy: Social Forestry Consultant, Buleleng - Bali

Urgently needed


Lutheran World Relief (LWR) began working in Indonesia following the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, addressing both emergency and long term development needs. Indonesia remains one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world, with millions of people often affected by earthquakes, landslides, floods and tsunamis. Poor, rural communities have few resources to prepare for or mitigate the effects of these hazards and even fewer resources to recover. Recognizing that effective development helps mitigate the impact of such hazards, Lutheran World Relief works to build community resilience through improving livelihoods, food security, climate change adaptation, and disaster risk reduction. We currently works in the provinces of Aceh, Bali and Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT).

Currently LWR is implementing a social forestry program in Buleleng District, Bali province. The project is aimed to improve and accelerate the implementation of village forest in Buleleng District through improving the capacity of Lembaga pengelola Hutan Desa (LPHD), integrating enterprise into forest management, and improving multi-stakeholder engagement and collaboration. Moreover, LWR is also planning to develop and expand social forestry related program, In order to speed up the project implementation and improve the quality of project as well as to provide technical advice to new relevant project ideas, LWR is looking for external consultant.

The position is part time position from February 1 to May 1 with maximum 22 days of work, two times visit project location in Buleleng, Bali. The deliverables for this assignment are:
  • Quality control on biodiversity survey, land coverage and village potential survey
    • Advice in survey tools and method which will be prepared and conducted by another survey consultant
    • Trip report on TA for project staffs on biodiversity, village potential and land coverage survey
    • Review and provide feedback on the survey reports prepared by survey consultant In total will be 13 days in February and March
  • Provide technical assistance to LWR staffs in Social Forestry, including IEC material advice
  • Other assignment relevant to social forestry and technical assistance to project staffs and stakeholders.
The consultant will be paid based on her/his previous rate, background and experience. All fee will be tax deducted based on government regulation.

The consultant will be traveling from her/his homebased to Buleleng at the maximum two times between February to April. All travel arrangement will be done by consult with Program Manager (PM). The consultant will submit Travel Request and list of things to do during in field to PM prior to visit the project site.

Eligible cost for the consultant as follows:
  • At the maximum 15 days of work outside consultant’s homebased. This is not including time for travel to and from homebased.
  • Per diem per day calculate from the time consultant left the homebased until s/he return to the homebased
  • Hotel in field, including transit, if needed.
  • Local transport as per actual cost
The assignment will be started from February 1 to May 1 or until all deliverables completed, whichever comes first.

Payment will be made on monthly basis. At the end of every month, the consultant will submit timesheet, monthly report and invoice. The report will be reviewed by Program Manager then subject to satisfactory report the payment will be made accordingly.

The consultant should have minimum requirement as follow:
  • Minimum 8 years’ experience in forest related programming
  • Education background in forestry
  • Expertise in developing project ides/concept Expertise in social forestry
  • Have a good communication skill
  • Ability in writing in English is a must
The selection will be made on January based on shortlisted candidates.

Candidate should submit their CV and cover letter.  It should be submitted by January 15th to JobsIndo@lwr.org