UCP Roda Untuk Kemanusiaan Mencari Tanaga Konsultan Financial Audit Penempatan di Yogyakarta

Procurement: Financial Audit for UCP Roda Untuk Kemanusiaan
Established in 2009 in partnership with UCP Wheels for Humanity, UCP Roda Untuk Kemanusiaan (UCPRUK) is calling for financial audit services for financial report year 2018.

Audit Objectives
To express an independent professional opinion of foundation’s financial report whether the report is fairly presented in all material respects and in accordance with organization’s regulation and donor requirements.

Audit Scope
The audit would cover whether the preparation and fair presentation of Financial Statements is in accordance with Indonesian Financial Accounting Standards.
Particularly it would express an independent opinion whether:
  • Financial statement is free from material misstatement,
  • Accounting standard and internal control are in place and implemented
  • Management manual including procurement has been updated and implemented
  • Project reports are in accordance with donor provision including budget and work plan.
  • Inventory management system is in place and implemented
  • Reliable supporting documents are available and filing accordingly
Audit Report
  • Statement of Financial Position
  • Statement of Financial Income and Expenses
  • Statement of Cash Flow
  • List of Wheelchairs Inventory
  • List of Fixed Asset
  • Management Letter
Audit Timeline (expected)
Field work: 11-15 March 2019
Draft audit report: 15 April 2019
Final audit report: 31 June 2019

Audit Field Work Location
UCP Roda Untuk Kemanusiaan
Jalan Ipda Tut Harsono No.51 Timoho
DI Yogyakarta

Proposal Submission
By email with subject Financial Audit_Firm’s Name to [email protected] and [email protected] no later than January 20th 2019, covers following information:
  • Audit firm qualifications
  • Size and structure
  • List of experiences in auditing non-profit organization
  • Proposed audit time line, if any suggestion
  • Proposed fee for each of three years.
Please contact us if there is any further questions.

Siske Annisa
UCP Roda Untuk Kemanusiaan
Jl. Ipda Tut Harsono No. 51, Timoho, Muja Muju, UmbulHarjo