Lutheran World Relief Membuka Lowongan Fasilitator Pertanian Penempatan di Ngada, NTT

Good Agriculture Practice and Post Harvesting Training and SOP Development on Processing Good Coffee Bean

Lutheran World Relief (LWR), a U..S. based non-profit development organization engaged in seeking lasting solutions to poverty and reducing risk, is seeking an experienced Facilitator for Good Agriculture Practice and Post Harvesting Training and SOP Development on Processing Good Coffee bean in Bajawa, Ngada Nusa Tenggara Timur.

KSU Fa Masa is one of cooperatives supported by LWR trough project on improving capacity of cocoa and coffee farmer’s organization (cooperative) in Flores and Bali. This cooperative is located in Beiposo village in Bajawa sub district. As primary coop with 237 members, KSU Fa Masa generates income from processing green bean bought from members in to ground coffee and sells the product locally in Bajawa and outside Bajawa (Kupang and Ende). Having 230 farmers as member, KSU Fa Masa sees the potential of expanding the business by processing cherry and sell green bean in addition to selling ground coffee.

End of May, will be the start of harvesting season of coffee in Bajawa and peak of harvesting season is expected to happen in July-August. Having 237 farmers with potential of 78-80 tons of green bean produced, KSU Fa Masa expects to be able to absorb at least 20% of total production and link members to more of buyers. Expansion of coop business is expected to be initiated in this harvesting season. KSU Fa Masa with support from LWR is now preparing for possible funding from financial institution to finance the plan while at the same time also recognises some issues regarding quantity and quality.

Since this season Fa Masa will perform processing cherries in to green bean in a relatively big volume collectively at coop and organizing buying in wet parchment from processing units at group, proper treatment on processing as well as quality control becoming significant to be addressed. In addition to processing, good practices prior to harvesting should be ensured as well.  Proper pre harvesting practices will contribute to better quality of cherry which will affect the quality of green bean. While post harvesting mainly focused on processing, maintaining farm- coffee trees, the soil and shading tree should be conducted as well to prepare coffee trees producing good cherry in the next harvest season. Good knowledge and proper practices on farm maintenance will improve quantity and quality of yield.

Giving the fact that all the activities and outputs from good agriculture practice especially prior to the harvest season – processing and post harvesting practices are associated, ensuring appropriate actions needs to be designed.. Therefore, LWR will provide support to Fa Masa by conducting a package of technical assistance on good pre to post harvesting practices (on farm) and proper processing including developing SOP on quality control both at processing unit at coop and sub units at groups. This facilitation will be accomplished through recruitment of Facilitators (considered as main and co facilitator) to deliver trainings to coop staffs and members, providing assistance on conducting processing and developing the SOP.

  • To assist Coop staffs and their members in obtaining better knowledge on the importance of performing good agriculture practices to maintain the coffee tree- before and after harvesting.
  • To assist coops in performing proper processing. This is made to ensure coops produce good quality coffee.
  • To assist coops in designing and managing effective model on supply chain of cherry (and wet parchment) from producers to coop.
  • To assist coops in establishing standard on processing and quality control. The established SOP will assist coops in conducting monitoring and quality assuring to the treatment at processing unit (coop) and sub processing units (group) performed accordingly.
To achieve the objectives mentioned above, Lutheran World Relief is looking for Facilitator team (1 Facilitator and 1 Co-Facilitator) with deliverables as follow:
  • Deliver series of GAP training and proper processing handling of coffee (cherry in to green bean). The training will be participated by at least 10 coop staffs and 220 coffee farmers. Training approach and topics to be delivered should be submitted to Lutheran World Relief at least 5 days after contract signed.
  • Establish drying facilities to be allocated at coop and groups.
  • Develop effective model of supplying cherry and parchment from groups/producers to coop.
  • Develop practical manual on good agriculture practices (pre and post harvesting) to be used by coop in assisting more farmers.
  • Develop SOP on processing and buying-selling procedures both at coop and group level.
  • Submit training report at the latest a week after the activities completed.
  • The assignment will be started from 31 May until 20 August 2019 or until all deliverables completed, whichever comes first.
Minimum requirement
The facilitator needs to have a least:
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in coffee related programming. Having specific experience as practitioner/run a business/working in coffee company is preferable.
  • Having experience in providing training (assistance) on GAP and proper processing and quality standardization for farmers/cooperatives.
  • Having experience in developing SOP on Quality Control and buying-selling procedures of coffee.
  • Have a good communication skill
  • Ability in writing in English is a must
  • Has driving license (SIM C) is preferable, since most of the time the consultant will be traveling to cooperative and some villages from Bajawa.
Application Instruction:
  • All interested candidates should submit an updated CV (Facilitator and Co-Facilitator) and Proposal.  The proposal should include the training design, daily fee (main facilitator and co facilitator), design of drying facilities, other operational cost and terms of payment and three (3) professional references (not exceed 350kb) to JobsIndo@lwr.org
  • Please put “GAP Training and SOP Development Bajawa_<your name>” in the subject line and put your name in the file name on CV and Proposal (sample: CV_<your name>, Proposal_<your name>
  • Application deadline: 27 May 2019.  Only shortlisted applicants will be invited to interview. No telephone inquiries please.  For further question related to proposal requirement (not budget related), please send an email to jobsindo@lwr.org