Yayasan Bumi Tangguh Job Vacancy: Gender, Inclusion and Safeguarding Specialist - Central Sulawesi

Bumi Tangguh Foundation (YBT) is a non-profit institution founded in Manado on June 3, 2017. YBT has now entered Phase II Rehabilitation and Reconstruction and is seeking  for candidate(s) to fill the vacancy as follow:
  • Title: Gender, Inclusion and Safeguarding Specialist
  • Duration: 9 ( Nine ) Months
  • Location: Central Sulawesi
Job Description:
  • To act as the gender and social inclusion focal point, as well as safeguarding focal point for the Phase II project.
  • To provide professional support and guidance on development of tools, strengthening capacity and learning on gender, inclusion and safeguarding.
  • With the support and under the supervision of the Program Manager, to ensure gender integration and social inclusion is effectively considered and applied to each sector of project activities of World Renew supported projects in Sulawesi
  • To  ensure that YBT staff behaviour promotes a safe environment which allows children and vulnerable adults/adults at risk to live free from Harm and Abuse - including physical, sexual (including sexual harassment) and emotional (including the abuse of power/trust and any form of coercion), Physical & sexual exploitation , Neglect , Discrimination, Human Trafficking
Gender and Inclusion
  • Provide advice to the World Renew Program Manager on gender and social inclusion issues and agendas;
  • Design capacity building training workshop in relation to gender and social inclusion;
  • Draft sectoral gender and social inclusion briefing papers to keep staff informed;
  • Conduct a gender and inclusion mainstreaming workshop for all YBT staff.
  • Encourage the mainstreaming of gender and social inclusion in each sector of the project.
  • Conduct a gender analysis of the 6 target villages to understand the power dynamics in the communities, in order for project activities to do no harm.
  • Review project activities to ensure that women and other excluded groups have meaningful participation in the project.
  • Ensure the most vulnerable and marginalized populations are represented across all project components, including in FGD, baseline surveys, etc.
  • Ensure best practices in gender-sensitive program approaches are used throughout the project cycle.
  • In collaboration with field staff, evaluate and monitor progress of gender and inclusion components of the project.
  • To ensure methodologies are appropriate and in a manner that is culturally sensitive and results-oriented
  • Become familiar with World Renew Child and Vulnerable Adult Safeguarding Policies.
  • Provide advice to the World Renew Program Manager on adult and child safeguarding issues.
  • Design capacity building training workshop in relation to Child and Vulnerable Adult Safeguarding
  • Draft sectoral Child and Vulnerable Adult Safeguarding briefing papers to keep staff informed;
  • Conduct a Child and Vulnerable Adult Safeguarding workshop to strengthen capacities of all YBT staff and volunteers.
  • Undertake a risk assessments of all project activity spaces in the 6 villages accessed by children or vulnerable adults who have particular care, support or special needs that may be vulnerable to exploitation or abuse as a result of their status or lack of power/ control;
  • Implement mitigating and corrective measures
  • Encourage the understanding by staff of Child and Vulnerable Adult Safeguarding in each sector of the project.
  • Review project activities to ensure that children and vulnerable adults are protected.
  • Ensure best practices in safeguarding approaches are used throughout the project cycle.
  • Ensure no staff misuses their position of authority or trust to control, coerce, manipulate or dominate beneficiaries.
  • In collaboration with field staff, evaluate and monitor any incidences of mistreatment, abuse, neglect or harm
  • Identify appropriate government services or law enforcement to report any incidences..
  • Coordinate with and support the Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning Officer in establishing and implementing gender-sensitive monitoring, evaluation, learning and reporting systems.
  • Work closely with the M&E Officer to develop the data collection and analysis tools for the baseline assessment to guarantee gender and social inclusion considerations.
  • Ensure the collection of desegregated data for project  reporting;
  • Ensure all incidents are appropriately documented, reported and considered in a timely manner
  • Ensure any complaints of abuse are kept confidential.
  • Prepare briefing materials and reports to communicate results and issues to WR Canada.
  • A minimum of 5 years of relevant professional experience in the field of disaster response or development, particularly with strong experience in gender and social inclusion.
  • Strong familiarity with current theories and issues in gender, development studies and human rights;
  • Excellent knowledge of gender and social inclusion issues in Indonesia, particularly the island of Sulawesi, including social, political, and cultural gender norms and challenges
  • Excellent knowledge of the status of vulnerable and marginalized populations within Sulawesi and their engagement in social, political, and cultural realms.
  • Experience designing, leading and conducting gender and social inclusion analyses, as well as integrating and implementing findings into program design
  • Proven ability to integrate gender mainstreaming approaches into WASH, Psychosocial Support, Livelihoods, Shelter and/or DRR programming.
  • Experience in workshop facilitation and training in gender capacity building skills;
  • Demonstrated experience in consultation, coaching and participatory training to improve gender and inclusion into disaster response programs.
  • Management skills especially in planning, analyzing data, reporting, monitoring, and evaluation. 
  • Compelling influencer and communicator – able to inspire, build consensus and bring people together around a common agenda for communicating gender, inclusion, safeguarding   results well with funding partners.
  • Strong writing skills particularly focused on the ability to produce high quality written documents;
  • Demonstrated ability to work with limited supervision and with a professional and self-motivated work style.
  • A drive for results and the ability to deliver on time.
  • Master's degree in social science, gender or equivalent in development studies 
Fluency in  Indonesian and English, written and spoken;
Undertake any reasonable tasks delegated from the Program Manager consistent with the role and nature of the job and responsibility. The duties outlined in this job description provide a framework for the role and should not be regarded as a definitive list. Other reasonable duties of a similar nature and appropriate to the position may be assigned from time to time.
Application Closing date: June 24th, 2019, submitted to : cady.ybtsulteng@gmail.com and sinta.ybtsulteng@gmail.com
Start working date : July 15th, 2019
Please put in email subject: Gender, Inclusion and Safeguarding Specialist