Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research Job Vacancy: Surveyor - Paddy Field Mapping, Indonesian

Term of Reference
Surveyor – Paddy Field Mapping

#RejosoKita Phase 2

2.5 months (Mid of August 2019 - November 2019)

Background and Main Purpose of the Job:
The ‘Rejoso Kita’ initiative was designed to conserves Rejoso watershed while strengthens the local economy and livelihoods. The phase 1 of the initiative focused on the mid-stream and upper-stream of the watershed that had ended March 2019 has provided a portfolio of business cases in integrated watershed management and livelihood enhancement. As continuation of the first phase, the “Rejoso Kita” Phase II will focus in downstream area with one of the objectives is to reduced water balance gap inclusively in Rejoso groundwater basin through developing sustainable paddy cultivation: low carbon emissions and water efficient; and community well management and maintenance.

Under the guidance and supervision of Remote Sensing Specialist of the World Agroforestry (ICRAF), the surveyor will collect information on (1) land cover characteristic, (2) boundary and irrigation systems of paddy field in two sub districts: Winongan and Gondang Wetan as the basis data to develop a typology of the downstream paddy field. The typology of paddy field will be used to conduct the mentioned activities above.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Collect, compile and pre-process geospatial data on land uses-with specific focus on paddy field, irrigation system and land ownership in Winongan and Gondang Wetan Sub-district, East Java. Detail task will include but not necessarily limited to (2 months):
    • Collecting GPS points on various land uses using stratified random sampling in the targeted sub-district with specific focus on paddy field
    • Conduct terrestrial mapping on all irrigation system of paddy in the targeted sub-district using GPS-handheld
    • Conduct terrestrial mapping on the ownership boundary of paddy field using combination of GPS data collection and rapid interview with local informant.
  • Conduct data input processes, data cleaning and pre-processing in order to develop digital database of paddy field and irrigation system in the targeted areas. The specific task will include (2 weeks):
    • Transferring the terrestrial mapping results into GIS system
    • Conduct georeferencing, build data attribute and finalize the result
    • Write short technical report in the form of Power Point presentation or other written document
  • Coordinate the data collection process with Field Facilitator and Remote Sensing and GIS Research Assistant
  • Report directly to Remote Sensing Specialist and Remote Sensing and GIS research assistant

Qualifications and Skills Required:

  • A minimum degree of a BSc in the subjects related to natural / environment / earth sciences, e.g. Forestry, Agriculture, Agro-climatology
  • Have experience working in the field, particularly in Pasuruan District, East Java will be a plus
  • Have experience using GPS-Garmin and drone DJI series will be a plus
  • Have experience working with Microsoft office and DNR GPS and GIS software (QGIS or ArcGIS)
  • Have experience on conducting survey in local community
  • Have a good communication skill and a team player
  • Have a good command of English and Indonesian 

Correspondence: [email protected] and should indicate “Surveyor – Paddy Field Mapping” on their application letters and email submissions. Application deadline August 4, 2019