Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR) Job Vacancy: Researcher (Intern), Jakarta


The global energy transition is well underway. Renewable energy has become cost-competitive compared to fossil fuels and in some regions, the investments in renewable energy outpace the investments in coal and fossil fuels. Energy efficiency in appliances and building has become global norms and standards that reduce growth in energy consumption. The technology innovations in the energy sector would make a 100% renewable electricity supply in the mid of this century a plausible scenario. Around the world, the digitalization and disruptive technologies have been driving changes in the way of utilities doing their businesses.

Indonesia has a chance to join the wave of energy transition toward low carbon energy system that is ongoing at the global level. The opportunity, as well as the threats, to join the global energy transition need to be well anticipated and addressed by various stakeholders in the country’s energy and power sector with better knowledge and understanding of the current trends and its consequences.

For this reason, IESR designed the Energy/Power Advisory work package under the Energy Transformation Program as a support system to conduct robust fact-based research, modeling, and analysis of the energy and power system and policies. Thus, an informed decision based on accurate information, science, and facts can be offered to the government agencies and utility.

During the second-year project (2019), there are 23 research projects in the pipeline that need to be delivered. Specifically, 75% of the research projects will be undertaken by IESR in-house research team. To date, all researchers’ load has almost fully occupied with their assigned research. Therefore, there is need to have additional researchers to reinforce the research team delivering the projects.

In response to the needs, Program Manager Energy Transformation requests two additional research positions through an internship program.

The first position will be allocated to back up the core research team for Indonesia Energy Transition Roadmap Project which consists of four independent research projects, viz.: (1) Role of Coal in Indonesia’s Energy Transition; (2) Energy Transition Scenario for the Current National Energy Policy and Plan; (3) Economics of Just Energy Transition In Indonesia; and (4) Decarbonization of Indonesia’s Transportation Sector. The researcher (intern) will support the Indonesia Energy Transition Roadmap Project, including but not limited to the Decarbonization of Indonesia’s Transportation Sector Project.

The second position will be allocated to back up the core research team to deliver IESR annual flagship study: Indonesia Clean Energy Outlook (ICEO). The researcher (intern) will support the ICEO project in data collection and analysis, including but not limited to Indonesia energy policy landscape, market and industry trends, renewable energy status, energy efficiency progress, and global trends.

  • Support data collection, analyses, and peer review processes to the IESR core research team.
  • Hands-on sessions and experience on real-life research projects for the interns.
  • Practice and learning process benefit for the interns.
Research Stream(s) and Timeline
  • Indonesia Energy Transition Roadmap Project Research: July to September 2019 (with possible extension to December 2019)
  • Indonesia Clean Energy Outlook Research: July to September 2019 (with possible extension to December 2019)
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