Lingkar Temu Kabupaten Lestari Job Vacancy: Communication & Media Outreach Officer, South Jakarta

About Lingkar Temu Kabupaten Lestari 
The Sustainable Districts Platform (or Lingkar Temu Kabupaten Lestari / “LTKL”) is a membership based coalition with Kabupaten, represented by Bupati, as its members. LTKL intends to connect the dots and create impactful partnership towards sustainable jurisdiction focusing on land-use, within and between Kabupaten through innovative convening method. A ‘Sustainable Jurisdiction’ will balance environment, social and economy aspects within its policy, planning and programs with concrete goals to (i) increase GDP of districts, (ii) alleviate poverty and (iii) moving towards zero deforestation and peat. LTKL is supported by a Partners Network which provide strategic support (in-kind and resources) and guidance to Lingkar Temu Kabupaten Lestari through its national and direct district’s engagement. At this moment, LTKL has 11 districts as the members and 14 organization as the members. LTKL is also supported by a Secretariat team responsible to facilitate, monitor and report on LTKL strategic activities through an integrated platform. It will also be in-charge to conduct strategic research and analysis on building blocks for sustainable land-use.

In July 2017, eight districts of the six provinces, namely Musi Banyuasin, Rokan Hulu, Siak, Batanghari, Labuan batu Utara, Sintang, Sanggau, and Sigi in collaboration with Association of Districts Governance in Indonesia (APKASI) and development partners including SPKS, IDH, Rainforest Alliance and WRI Indonesia established LTKL as a partnership towards impactful collaboration to support the sustainable jurisdiction enhancement which balances economic, social and environment aspects, focusing on land-use, within and/or among the districts with an innovative methods. This open network intends to expand and collaborate with other districts and other network of smallholders, private sector and development partners such as Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 to push forward the sustainable vision.

It also highlights key priority topic in moving forward:
  • Prevention of Forest and Peatland Fires; 
  • Sustainable Commodities
  • Social Forestry and Agrarian Reform
  • Conservation and Restoration
  • Energy and Electrification. 
  • Waste Management
  • Disaster Management and Resilience

One of the expected functions of LTKL is to be able to reach the regional competitiveness and facilitate for the easy access of sustainable investments in the districts in collaboration with the multi-stakeholders in districts and national level. To date, LTKL Secretariat have attempted to create a shared, safe and innovative solution-oriented circle of discussion among its members and partners to objectively analyse progress, opportunities and challenges in implementing sustainable vision through district leadership. It also aims to enhance interconnection between the group. For this purpose, LTKL Secretariat has constructed LTKL Communication and Outreach Strategy for the period of 2018-2030 with specific activities outlined for the period of 2019-2020, taking into account LTKL 2030 long term development target.

The communication and media outreach officer is expected to cover these specific details, such as:

  • To manage and identification of necessary communication tools to support implementation (i.e. website updates, factsheets, profile, Q&A, Social Media, , LTKL’s update every 2 months, Video & Info graphics, Media Visits, Community Centers, etc.) with details such as:
    • Develop and produce high-quality, informative, and interesting press releases, press kits, and related materials
    • Ensure all messaging aligns with key program strategies
    • Develop content for social media, websites, LTKL’s update, press releases and any other distribution channels
    • Brainstorm and collaborate with teams for new ideas and strategies
    • Plan, create, and oversee the design, content, and production of marketing materials
    • Develop strategies for current and existing products, launches, and promotions
    • Identify media and press opportunities
  • To manage and develop the relations and access to media and partners for publication and information for LTKL as a secretariat in the vision of enhancing the development of sustainable districts. Beside, the secretariat has access for the development on the certain issue and topics for the communication to media partners.
  • The knowledge and abilities to write and review and edit on the communication documents as well as for the understanding on the related issues for the access of the districts and partners. The process of understanding specific issues is very related to the development of national government, districts government, local and national stakeholders, especially in the topic of economic, social, and environment perspectives as included in the SDGs goals.
  • Monitoring and analyzing the content and substantial access of materials for the publication and information to public as well as media partners. This aspect also include the relevant and continues relationship to the media and journalist, as well as for the updated database of media partners.
  • As interim duties during the period of this contract, support development of LTKL communication outreach effort through: Participate in LTKL strategic discussions and/or events as relevant to the construction of the Strategy; b) Collaborating with the LTKL Communication and Media Outreach Specialist/Manager in term of the daily regular updates and necessary information for the publication and development of LTKL Secretariat.


  • Minimum of Bachelor Degree in communication or other relevant studies with minimum two years of relevant experiences in journalism/media relations/public relations.
  • Experiences in supporting on program with the existing communication strategy.
  • Experiences in deliveries of good quality publication materials.
  • Experiences in preparing communication modules and deliver the training (for example: to media and public).
  • Experiences in supporting the publication and relation with media partners and journalist.
  • Willing to learn on sustainable development context and the districts needs.
  • Proven ability to deliver high quality outputs on time.
  • Excellent communication skills in Bahasa Indonesia and English as well as well-developed interpersonal skills.
  • Self-motivated and able to work with minimum supervision.
  • Good team player.


Contract Period
Communication & Media Outreach Officer is expected to start immediately. Contract duration covers the period of July - August 2019, with potential extention upto July 2020. Extendable based on performance evaluation and program needs.

Communication & Media Outreach Officer will report on monthly basis to the Communication Manager and Head of Secretariat of LTKL and provide input and suggestions for the effective implementation strategy as relevance.

Duty Station
Communication & Media Outreach Officer will be stationed in Jakarta, with travels is necessary based on the needs to the relevant districts.

Job Email id: admin(at)

Closing Date: 22 Juli 2019