Rare Indonesia Job Vacancy: Manager, Policy and Partnerships, Jakarta - Indonesian

Manager, Policy and Partnerships

Position Overview
The Manager, Policy and Partnerships will ensure that Rare Indonesia: a) has sound and strong relationship with national, provisional and local government in Indonesia; b) establishes solid partnership with institutions at sub national level to support implementation.

Essential FunctionsThe Manager, Policy and Partnerships will exercise independent judgment regarding the following areas of significance:

Policy Engagement
Provide general supports to Policy Director in government adoption of TURF-Reserves and the associated enabling environment at a district, province and national level;
  1. Assist Policy Director in identification of opportunities and implement approaches to secure commitment from national ministries in support of sustainable small-scale fisheries;
  2. Implement Rare's works on provision of regulatory framework that provides legal protection to the development and implementation of TURF+R;
  3. Execute the actions guided by Director of Policy on internalizing the TURF-R developing-activities into central and local government's development planning instruments;
  4. Implement the strategy on galvanizing public funding to finance the TURF+R through central and local government budget allocation;
  5. Perform duties on creation of and support to the initial running of institutional set-up for TURF+R to flourish and scale;
  6. Support the engagement of partners in strategic events and other opportunities to demonstrate the TURF+R bright supports and success story for larger scale movement and wider outreach activities;
  7. Communicate Rare Indonesia policy's strategy, work plan and achievement to other teams in Indonesia, other countries and headquarters
  8. Facilitate the growth of enthusiasm across Rare and its partners for concrete action toward the adoption of community-led, rights-based management in relevant fisheries/communities;
  9. Collect materials and references for and prepare Rare's advice and policy support to the Government of Indonesia for the implementation of sustainable small-scale fisheries in Indonesia;
Local Government Partner Relationship
  1. Supporting in managing strategic partners for Fish Forever implementation. This include relationship with other NGOs, research institutions and others
  2. In collaboration with other department, assist development of strategy to select sites and the institutions to support the implementation at site level.
  3. Secure agreements with relevant implementing partners
Required Experience and Education
  1. A minimum of 5 years' experience with success in policy supports, partnership management and engagement with Indonesian government on legal/policy issue
  2. Knowledge of key players in the national, regional and international conservation/community development community is essential.
  3. Strong project management skills and relationships management skills are required.
  4. Proven skills in networking among government officials and other partners
  5. Deep understanding on how bureaucracy machinery works and how to manoeuvre in such complex environment
  6. Flexibilities in working and collaborating with multi culturally diverse co-workers and partners
  7. Bachelor's degree required, Master's Degree preferred, preferably with an international focus in communications, environmental education, international development, environmental policy, or related field.
  8. Written and spoken fluency in English and Bahasa Indonesia is required.
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