SOBI Job Vacancy: Expansion Management Manager, Jakarta

Job Description

  1. Ensure that all expansion targets are delivered on time or within scope and within budget.
  2. Develop and execute strategic planning to engage and build capabilities of the communities in new locations in coordination with NGO partners and field implementation team.
  3. Monitor and evaluate the achievement of expansion team under his/her supervision.
  4. Coordinate intensively with Expansion management department head and Director to create strategic plans in preparing and implementing the social and technical assistance for the new cooperative partners in the field.
  5. Conduct the processes of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of field implementation including social and technical assistance, company branch establishment, and certification audit to meet success criteria at the specified time.
  6. Manage the field implementation staff to administer and coordinate in performing the task by developing the teamwork, communication, objective setting and performance appraisals.
  7. Conduct the regular monitoring and evaluation agendas for the field implementation success and develop leadership capacity of the staff by providing coach and mentorship.
  8. Supervise the feasibility study of the technical capabilities, forest / ecological potential, and market potential of PT SOBI Prospective Partners.
  9. Supervise the social and technical assistance activities related to FSC audit preparation for the Prospective Partner, including supervising the capacity building program training needed by the Partner, guiding administrative preparations at partner level, coordinating environmental monitoring activities, and other related tasks with the FSC audit preparation.
  10. Supervise the data collection activities of members who have been assigned with the scope of activities including, but not limited to: (1) Recruitment and training of data collection field personnel for inventory and other needs; (2) Coordinating the distribution of the data collection area; and (3) Monitoring the performance of field staff and ensuring data quality of members / land owners.
  11. Supervise all preparations related to administration, infrastructure, and human resources (HR) at the PT SOBI expansion site until the Branch and Partners are ready to operate.
  12. Supervise the preparation for the establishment of PT SOBI’s Registered Shelter (TPT) / Branch, identify the HR responsible for TPT, and carry out administrative preparations for SVLK certification for TPT.
  13. Provide reports on conditions in the field regularly to the Director of PT SOBI.

Job Requirements

  1. Minimum Bachelor’s degree from any discipline.
  2. Minimum 3-5 years of proven experience in community development topic and 1-2 years in leadership.
  3. Experienced in project management (including project planning, budgeting, executing & monitoring).
  4. Experienced in developing a partnership with government agencies, NGOs, and related stakeholders.
  5. Strong Ability in managing people.
  6. Attention to detail.
  7. Advanced knowledge in community development topic (theory and principles).
  8. Best practice in community development.
  9. Robust organization, managerial, and people development skill.
  10. Good communication, confidence, time management skills with an ability to plan, prioritize and meet strict deadlines.
  11. Analytical and creative thinking for solutions.

How to Apply
Send Resume/CV and Cover Letter to [email protected] with subject email “Application for Expansion Management Manager_(Name)”.