Coral Triangle Center Foundation Job Vacancy: Monitoring Evaluation & Learning (MEL) Specialist, Bali

The Coral Triangle Center (CTC) is a foundation based in Indonesia that trains marine resources managers and educates all groups that interact with coastlines and reefs within the Coral Triangle. The applied training and learning programs are adaptive, innovative and customized for different stakeholders to abate threats, address constraints and promote sustainable practices. CORAL TRIANGLE CENTER provides training in marine natural resources management, supports marine protected areas, coordinates a learning network of Marine Protected Area practitioners, connects the public and private sector on coastal issues, and is developing a learning center of excellence in tropical marine conservation.

In March 2016, USAID rolled out a project called The Indonesia Sustainable Ecosystem Advanced (SEA) Project that run for five years to support the Government of Indonesia to conserve biological diversity and improve the governance of marine resources at local, district, provincial, and national levels.  USAID SEA Project activities are targeted at three levels of governance: the national level, the National Fisheries Management Area (FMA) for the Republic of Indonesia, and three adjacent provinces in eastern Indonesia (West Papua, North Maluku, and Maluku), which lie within FMA-715, one of Indonesia’s 11 FMAs.  CTC under USAID – SEA Project works on three major strategic approaches, in which one of them is Strategic Approach 2 – Improve ecosystem management of FMA 715 and MPAs, specifically in supporting effectiveness of MPA management in potential target sites in Maluku and North Maluku Province.

CTC recognizes the importance of developing marine protected area (MPA) as living laboratories to observe, learn, and study from field experiences. CTC has incorporated field learning into its main strategies to deepen, document, and understand the practices of effective natural resources and MPA management.  CTC’s MPA Learning Sites also serve as testing ground for various innovative solutions to pressing regional marine conservation issues. Through learning sites, CTC aims to leverage and replicate successful practical marine conservation strategies region-wide.  In Indonesia CTC supports Nusa Penida MPA in Bali and Banda Islands in Maluku.  In the Coral Triangle region, CTC is currently in the process of facilitating Timor Leste MPA establishment in Attauro Island and Liquica.  With USAID – SEA Project, CTC is currently supporting and facilitating the establishment of new MPA candidates located in Sula District (Lifmatola – Mangole) in North Maluku Province, Buano Island in Western part of Ceram and Lease Islands in Maluku Province.

Essential Functions
The Coral Triangle Center (CTC) – USAID Sustainable Ecosystem Advanced (SEA) Project – Monitoring Evaluation & Learning (MEL) Specialistwill be responsible for managing CTC’s SEA grants programs. Leads the evaluation of CTC’s SEA grant programs and helps explore the strategic direction of future research programs and renewal efforts. Manages the daily administrative and financial aspects of the grants. Duties include coordinating the administration of grants program, administering the annual planning and budgeting processes, monitoring budgets, and assisting Project Manager in preparation of budgets for individual grants and contracts.

Developing financial reports to facilitate expense tracking and budget oversight for individual projects as well as for the overall program. She/he will report directly to CTC Finance & Admin Manager.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in finance, accountingor business administration and 3 to 5years related experienceor equivalent combination.Minimum 3 years of successful experience in government grants administration preferred;
  2. Knowledge of current trends in the specific field;
  3. Supervisory experience, including ability to motivate, lead, set objectives, and manage performance;
  4. Successful experience in developing, directing and managing multiple projects;
  5. Current knowledge of applicable Indonesian and international regulations, and of meaning of standard contract clauses;
  6. Demonstrated experience in MS Office, Word, and Excel, may require database management skills with ability to produce reports. Ability to use advanced computer functions including navigating the internet. Ability to manipulate, analyze and interpret data.
  7. The Monitoring Evaluation & Learning (MEL) Specialist will report to CTC Finance & Admin Manager and work closely with CTC-SEA Project Leader and Senior Management Team on proposal and reports.

The position will be based in Bali.  Evening and weekend work to achieve program goals may be required and travel may be required at short notice.

Closing Date: 30 November 2019

Please send your CV and application letter to: [email protected]