OXFAM International Job Vacancy: Consultant Research on Gender and Youth Inclusion in Private Sectors, Jakarta

Oxfam is a global movement of people working together to end the injustice of poverty.

Private sectors can contribute to the reduction of youth unemployment, especially female, with various ways. The role of private sectors is varied from skills training, employment services, job-search assistance, to entrepreneurship promotion. Aside from this, private sectors who want to contribute to the reduction of female youth unemployment issues also need to consider providing youth and gender inclusive working environment to attract more youth in the private sectors.

Promoting youth inclusion makes good sense for progress.[1] First, young people not only shape the present of any country, but they will also profoundly determine its future. Second, young people are at a stage in life characterized by a high capacity to learn and acquire skills and, in general, positive attitudes towards participation in society. Third, investing in young has inter-generational benefits that can create powerful agents for change. Last but not least, the exclusion of youth from central societal sectors generates tremendous social and economic costs to the society and may even lead to social and political unrest.

In the heart of that is gender inclusion in employment. Equal access on education and employment will contribute to ending poverty and disparity on economic empowerment and participation. That in the end will also contribute to the achievement of Empower Youth for Work Project, especially Outcome 2 “Young women and men benefit from new or improved employment or entrepreneurship opportunities”, activity, Developing Research Report on Policy and Practice on Gender and Youth, based on private sectors experiences.

Oxfam through the EYW project will undertake activities that will influence private sectors to increase commitment to women and youth unemployment issues and the provision of youth and gender inclusive work environment to attract more youth in the private sector. These activities will begin with research and will continue with campaign and influencing activities.

  1. The overall aim of this research is to identify the private sectors business models on gender and youth inclusion, as well as private sectors’ network/forum/associations’ which is committed to engaging gender and youth in their program.
  2. To identify supporting government policies towards gender and youth inclusion in the private sectors, to be use as the basis on the influencing sphere as well as its current or existing implementation (as the essential result of this research)
  3. The research reports will be launched and disseminated to all related stakeholder. This activity will involve mass media, business associations, private sector representatives, and local government.
What we are looking for
  1. Individual research consultant or research organization that have a demonstrated experience in research that have relation with private sector engagement and youth employment issues in Indonesian context.
  1. Proven experiences in designing and conducting research focused on private sector engagement, youth and gender issues
  2. Previous experiences in producing a high-quality research report in both Indonesian and English in a plain and approachable text, demonstrating excellent analytical and communication skills.
  3. Extensive knowledge of business model in private sector and youth issues in general;
  4. Ability to deliver a high-quality product in a timely manner;
  5. Extensive network on private sector associations/youth employment /or gender at work issues is an advantage.
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