Planet Indonesia Job Vacancy: Population Health Environment (PHE) Program Manager, West Kalimantan

Population – Health – Environment (PHE) Program Manager

Job Opening

Who is Yayasan Planet Indonesia?
Yayasan Planet Indonesia is an award-winning grassroots not-for-profit dedicated to the conservation of earth’s ecosystems and communities. We conserve at-risk ecosystems through village-led partnerships. Our model provides community-based services to catalyze community-led conservation. We focus developing scalable solutions that address the drivers of biodiversity loss – rural poverty, food security, and socio-economic insecurities.

Yayasan Planet Indonesia (YPI) is at the forefront of community empowerment, utilizing a holistic model to help rural communities achieve sustainable development through nature conservation. We embrace a “bottom up” approach, ensuring communities own every step of the planning, implementation, and management of initiatives, as we understand this to be essential for long-lasting, sustainable change.

What Is Population – Health – Environment? (from the PHE guide by Laura Robinson)

Population-Health-Environment or “PHE” is a term used to describe a holistic approach to sustainable development that reflects the connections between people, their health and the environment.  PHE initiatives are designed to address the multidimensional challenges facing isolated rural communities living in areas of high biodiversity and/or natural resource dependence with limited access to health services.

PHE initiatives typically integrate voluntary family planning and other health services with community-based natural resource management efforts. PHE initiatives may also encompass biodiversity conservation and alternative livelihood initiatives as well as measures to improve water, sanitation & hygiene (WASH) and/or nutrition.

PHE initiatives should be designed to uphold human rights, including the reproductive rights of all individuals to choose freely the number and spacing of their births as well as the management rights of communities with regards to their natural resources. PHE initiatives seek to promote gender equality by engaging men in discussions about family health while involving women in natural resource management decision-making.

YPI has been implementing PHE programs since 2017. We are in the process of expanding our PHE work to both coastal and terrestrial areas. We are seeking a program manager with experience to manage multiple sites, partners, and staff in the PHE division of Yayasan Planet Indonesia.

We expect this position to perform the following duties:
  1. The PHE manager will be manage a team of field officers and field staff to implement PHE approaches through working with local health ambassadors (Kader) in West Kalimantan Indonesia. This manager will oversee the approach delivered in 4 districts (Kubu Raya, Sintang, Landak, and Bengkayang).
  2. The manager will be expected to: (1) manage the PHE division, work plans, and YPI staff in the PHE division, (2) help oversee the M&E strategy for PHE programs, improving program quality, monitoring performance and facilitating the transmission of best practices, (3) He/she will provide technical support and contribute to the drafting of quality project proposals and donor reports, enhancing the overall use of clear program logic, sound data collection and analysis methods; and facilitating assessments that are integrally linked to program design, (4) He/she will also help ensure that beneficiaries’ feedback mechanisms are functioning and utilized for PHE results, (5) He/she will aid in government partnerships with the department of health and various environmental agencies to build positive relationships and scalability for PHE among government offices.
Day-to-day tasks will include but are not limited to:
  1. Develop, maintain and update MEAL systems, approaches and tools for measuring, monitoring, and evaluating PHE approaches aligned YPI’s over-all strategy.
  2. Develop, maintain, and update PHE work plans, curriculums, and strategies.
  3. Support PHE staff in data collection and analysis tools related to project design and monitoring.
  4. Coordinate with other division managers (Conservation, Cooperatives, Empowerment) to ensure PHE programs are delivered as a part of a holistic approach utilized by YPI Coordinate and lead PHE trainings at the village, district, and regional level
  5. Develop innovative ways to deliver health advocacy and awareness information (media, games, posters, etc)
  6. Under the direction of the Senior Management participate in the draft of quality project proposals and donor reports.
  7. Present program results and findings to partners at the village, district, and regional level
  8. Participate in internal and external groups/networks to keep abreast with the developments conservation, sustainable development and PHE strategies
  9. Support YPI’s partners in other districts and regions in implementing PHE strategies and approaches
  1. Preferred a Master’s degree in public health / community health / environmental health and 3 years of experience in similar position
Job Requirements:
  1. Willing to spend periods of time in rural areas while conducting field work
  2. Adaptable and flexible to changing conditions
  3. Team player
  4. Culturally sensitive
  5. Good communication skills both written and oral
  6. Data analysis skills
  7. Data management
  8. Fluent in written / speaking Bahasa Indonesia
  9. Conversation in English
To apply:
Send CV, Personal Statement, and 3 references to [email protected]; apply before December 20th 2019