Empatika Research Job Vacancy: Finance and Administration Assistant, Jakarta

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Empatika is looking for a Finance and Administrative Assistant detailed as follows:

Position : Finance and Administration Assistant (Junior Position, Jakarta based)

Duration :1 year Fixed Term from January 25th 2020 – January 25th 2021 (three month probation)

Purpose of Position
To provide administrative support for the Empatika office, including administration and logistics related to everyday office management, and for Empatika’s studies and projects. This Jakarta based role will provide project scheduling, operational and financial support to contribute to cost effective, timely and compliant project delivery and to provide administrative support to the office to help ensure effective management of all activities. It will involve supporting a range of projects relating to research and capacity building. The Finance and Administrative Assistant will report directly to the Finance and Operations Coordinator and the Head of Operations.

Primary responsibilities:
The Finance and Administration Assistant will:

  • Work with the Finance Coordinator and Head of Operations to develop strategies for improving Empatika’s systems and operations planning
  • Financial transaction entry, coding and tracking
  • Assist the Finance Coordinator and Head of Operations with all finance and operational matters as needed.
  • Deliver on targets related to assignments/tasks as needed to meet deadlines related to financial reporting and project logistics,.
  • Support the overall Team and running of day-to-day office activities and perform other duties as assigned.

The role will report directly to Empatika’s Finance Coordinator along with the Operations Team, with the following reporting requirements:

  • Close day-to-day work with the Finance Coordinator
  • Regular updates with the Finance Coordinator and Head of Operations
  • Attendance at all Empatika team meetings
  • Attendance at project meetings as requested;

Minimum education and experience required

  • Relevant bachelor’s degree;
  • A degree or Field of Study in accounting or Management are preferable
  • Minimum two years clerical or administrative experience;
  • Some knowledge of Indonesian tax regulation will be helpful.

Experience with Donor funded programmes will be helpful;

  • Some written and spoken proficiency in English is a must,
  • Confident with basic accounting and finances,
  • Computer proficiency in general office software (i.e. Word, PowerPoint, Excel) is required
  • Proficiency using accounting software will be helpful.

Knowledgeable in office administration,
Proficient in the use of general office equipment

Essential competencies:

  • Eager to work closely with and assist the Finance Coordinator for all operational matters
  • Motivated and professional in carrying out daily tasks
  • Proactive in problem solving and approach to learning on the job
  • Very responsive with an ability to prioritize tasks appropriately
  • Open and positive communicator

Professional written communication skills

  • Good organisational skills
  • Good attention to detail
  • High Degree of integrity and responsibility
  • Ability to handle sensitive information,
  • Can work cooperatively and effectively with others and also has the ability to undertake self-directed tasks when necessary.
  • Enthusiastic in supporting Empatika’s development and work


To apply, please send your CV to team@empatika.org before 26 January 2020.

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