International Federation of Red Cross Job Vacancy: Senior Programme Officer, Jakarta

Organizational Context
The Japanese Red Cross Society (JRCS) has been collaborating with the Indonesian Red Cross Society (PMI) in various ways for the last decades, such as group visits at various levels, joint emergency relief operations during disaster time and bilateral development project in the scope of disaster risk reduction. Most recently, the two National Societies have had two joint mid-longer development project focusing on building community resilience at the vulnerable communities in Banten and Bengkulu Province through the capacity enhancement of local PMI branches for the last decade. The former project in Banten Province was implemented during August 2012 - September 2015, in pursuit of bringing vulnerable communities together for resilience to multiple natural disasters, and the latter in Bengkulu Province is the ongoing joint project particularly putting emphasis on reducing the risks of earthquake and tsunami in the region, which was initiated back in April 2016 and will be finalized by 31 March 2020.

The JRCS owns its delegation office in Jakarta, having two local staff members on duty in station in order to maintain the smooth coordination with the PMI for various types of collaborations, yet mainly for the management of the mid-longer development project funded by the JRCS and joint relief operations during emergency time. In addition to its fundamental duties and functions, the JRCS Indonesia Office exists to perform other relevant missions on behalf of and in close coordination with the JRCS NHQs, which includes but not limited to a liaison for receiving the Japan-based international relief delegates during disaster time, donation programmes through the JRCS network in coordination with the PMI, the JRCS group visits from time to time and other relevant issues upon the request from the JRCS NHQs. Built on the cemented relationship with the PMI and lessons-learnt from the past collaborations, the JRCS is under the consideration of growing another partnership with the PMI in the development sector even beyond April 2020 given the prevailing vulnerability across Indonesia to natural disasters, thus exploring the possibility of similar yet improved joint programmes in a different province prone to natural hazards in order to serve for the most vulnerable communities to reduce their own risks before the disasters strike.

Job Purpose
The Senior Programme Officer (SPO) is placed to serve directly under the supervision of the CC for providing necessary support with the PMI and JRCS from technical aspects. He/she must have strong capacity for assisting the project management by making effective use of his/her knowledge and skills on Organizational Development (OD), Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting (PMER), Emergency Response and Preparedness(ERP), Disaster Education and School Safety, Youth and Volunteer Development, small construction works for mitigation and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) as a broader scope of capacity and administration/finance in general. In addition to technical expertise and experiences required to work in the Movement, excellent communication skills, eagerness to establish/maintain strategic relationships with the PMI at all levels and other stakeholders, sound analysis for problem-solving and reporting skills in an informative manner for decision-making are key competencies in fulfilling missions required for this position as this post demands extensive travels to the target communities and local PMI chapters/branches for the supervisions and management of a programme(s). When the timing allows him/her with the prior permissions given from the immediate supervisor and the JRCS NHQs, the SPO is most recommended to contribute to the National Society Development works and National Development Policy of the PMI NHQs particularly in the scope of DRR from technical/practical aspects by sharing with the PMI and other Movement partners his/her in-depth experiences, knowledge and insight on such occasions while his/her main duty remains as the management of a bilateral programme(s)/operation(s) as per the agreement. During emergency time, the SPO assumes taking the role of Field Mission Coordinator in close collaboration with his/her immediate supervisor, the PMI and the JRCS NHQs for a possible joint emergency response operation(s) jointly with the Japan-based international relief delegates to be deployed to Indonesia, thus this position also requires significant flexibility, adaptation and multi-tasking capacity under the high-speed changing situation. Aside from the above-mentioned duties, other relevant yet necessary tasks are regularly assigned to the SPO as appropriate from his/her immediate supervisor throughout the mission period which include but not limited to data collection, data analysis, field arrangement for implementing assessment, field coordination and management for workshops/events.

Job Duties and Responsibilities
Technical assistance for the PMI and management of each programme/operation
  • Assume the main duties for the management roles as follows:
    • Develop designs, concept, approach, modality, framework, structure and justification of project
    • Prepare the implementation strategy and approach for each programme
    • Manage the implementation of programmes with the utilization of PMER and other capacities
    • Control the quality of services delivered through the programmed activities
    • Monitor the PMI financial management of the project
    • Liaison with the PMI counterparts
    • Identify major challenges of the project
    • Report to the immediate supervisor
    • Make necessary suggestions to the immediate supervisor
  • Support the Country Coordinator to ensure the smooth implementation of the JRCS funded project(s) by working with the PMI at all levels both horizontally and vertically.
  • Pay special attention to assisting the PMI at all levels for proper project management by making effective use of PMER and other relevant capacities.
  • Assist the PMI at NHQs, province, district and field levels in carrying out the planning, implementing, managing and follow-up of the required activities of each programme.
  • Assure the prepared reports of the PMI at all levels be sound quality and finalize the compiled reports by the PMI NHQs for the management purpose and data tracking by translating Bahasa into English.
  • Provide technical assistance, in collaboration with the PMI NHQs, for the PMI province, district, field staff members and volunteers to ensure the effectiveness of their performance and services for target beneficiaries.
  • Ensure the project guidance, necessary rules and regulations of the PMI be well perceived among the project staff members and abided by at all levels of the PMI throughout the project cycle.
  • Conduct the constant analysis on the programme’s performance by identifying issues and obstacles of the programmes through field monitoring and otherwise, thus suggest the possible options to be taken by the project team.
  • Assist the PMI at all levels to implement internal/external audits accordingly and ensure that necessary actions for follow-ups be taken by the PMI including the proper office management of the PMI province and district.
  • Assist the PMI NHQs in the preparation of project reviews, evaluations, recruitment process of external consultant and auditor as/when required.
  • Accompany the field monitoring visits of the PMI at least once in a month and report the findings to the CC in a timely manner from the JRCS’s perspectives.
  • Perform the required facilitation in the scope of OD/PMER/DRR/General administration in office and other relevant capacities for the PMI Province, District, field staff members, volunteers and communities as/when appropriate.
  • Supervise the general administration and finance of the PMI at all levels for the project implementation as appropriate.
  • Technically liaise between DM, Health, PMER, OD counterparts and other relevant divisions of the PMI NHQs in order to ensure that the necessary support be delivered to the targeted chapters and branches.
  • Assist the PMI to prepare necessary project-related documents and provide support for organizing workshops, field assessment and necessary documentation as/when appropriate in coordination with all the stakeholders such as the PMI, IFRC, other PNSs, and government authorities.
  • Contribute to and manage a new project preparation in all aspects required for its establishment.
  • Ensure that the budget planning of the PMI be fully justified as logical and feasible throughout the project period.
  • Support the short-term missions from the JRCS NHQs for assessment, planning, monitoring, evaluation and otherwise upon requested.
  • Prepare narrative/financial reports translated in English to be submitted up to the JRCS NHQs in time.
  • Report to the immediate supervisor the progress, issues/challenges and recommended actions to be taken in a timely and informative manner throughout the project cycle.
  • Submit an End of Mission Report to the immediate supervisor no later than the end of February.
  • Foster the informed-decision making of the immediate supervisor by actively challenging him/her with strong justification/evidences in regard with the bilateral project when required.
Representation/Chain of Command
  • Attend/arrange the technical/coordination meetings with the PMI and other relevant stakeholders as/when required for a smooth implementation of activities/programme(s).
  • Work under the authority of the immediate supervisor in performing necessary duties in relation to the JRCS supported activities/programme(s).
  • Take in charge of the direct communication and coordination with the JRCS NHQs during the absence of the immediate supervisor, on behalf of him/her.
Office secretariat duties/ Finance management
  • Prepare the administrative/financial documents and submit to the immediate supervisor.
  • Arrange the field mission plans and other necessary logistics as/when required.
  • Manage the data/information of the JRCS Indonesia Office neatly in regard with the programme(s) and other relevant office duties.
  • Receive the project-related documents from the PMI in a timely manner and control the quality of reports.
  • Check the financial flow and reports of the PMI and correct errors as/when required.
  • Keep tracking on the budget vs expenditure of the project throughout the project cycle.
  • Prepare and update the inventory lists of the JRCS assets.
  • Translate Bahasa-written documents into sound English as/when required.
Other related duties
  • Arrange accommodations and transportations for receiving the international delegates assigned from JRCS upon required.
  • Prepare interview articles, videos and photos of the project-related programmes as per the instruction from the immediate supervisor and the JRCS NHQs throughout the project cycle.
  • Follow the rules and procedures of the IFRC for security management and other services.
Perform other necessary duties and responsibilities as per the request of the immediate supervisor and the JRCS NHQs.

Job Requirements
  • Bachelor degree in social science or other relevant field
  • More than seven-year experience in working with the Movement as a staff member
  • More than seven-year experience in working as PNS for supporting the PMI (Preferred)
  • More than five-year experience in serving for the community development programmes
  • Experience of project management in at least two different types of DM/DRR-centred projects
  • Experience in conducting participatory assessments at the community level and analysis of results
  • Experience in participatory facilitation for planning and reviews at the branch/chapter level
  • Experience in establishing Monitoring & Evaluation system (Preferred)
  • Experience in facilitating the preparation of project documents (Preferred)
  • Certified in IMPACT course in the RCRC (Preferred)
  • Comprehensive and practical knowledge and skills in disaster management, disaster risk reduction, disaster preparedness, early warning system, emergency response.
  • Comprehensive and practical knowledge in community development
  • Comprehensive and practical knowledge and skills in participatory social survey (Preferred)
  • Excellent communication skills with multiple stakeholders
  • Professional multi-tasking skills with speed
  • Reporting and problem-solving skills
  • Strong capacity in project management
  • Expertise in computer skills for good data management (Preferred)
  • Eagerness and positive attitude in establishing/maintaining strategic partnership with others
  • Reliable data collection and filing skills
  • Excellent facilitation skills with positiveness and passion
  • Strong documentation skills
  • Professional writing and speaking in English
  • Native Bahasa
Please submit your application letter addressing the above qualifications and experience with your curriculum vitae to: [email protected]

Closing Date: 07 February 2020

Please indicate on the subject heading: Senior Programme Officer