FHI 360 Job Vacancy: PIC Admin Events (Daily Worker), Jakarta

Position Title: PIC Admin Events (Daily Worker)

Overall Scope of Work
Assisting the logistical support to all workshop and meeting conducted by FHI 360 – LINKAGES project based on confirmation email-requested by PIC Program prior the event to Procurement team and copy to member of the operation team.

Specific Scope of Works:
  • Prepare Registration/Attendance list;
  • Ensure all receipt form are accordance with FHI 360 – LINKAGES format and financial policy (amount/rate);
  • Ensure the refreshment/lunch/meeting package are prepared and accordance with the approved Purchase Order;
  • Prepare all Office Stationaries needs according to workshop/meeting requirements (refers to Technical team needs- (refers to TOR and schedule);
  • Ensure all the meeting arrangement (table, headtable, receptions and participants) based on the PIC program requirement. PIC Admin should have the contact name and number (mobile phone) of the hotel/Puskesmas/RSUD/counterpart person.
  • Consult with PIC Program or Operations team if found major issues in the event, such as: addition, participants coming that exceed the PO number assigned, loss of training equipment etc.
  • Assist on distributing all workshop/meeting materials as PIC program guidance;
  • Received and follow up SURAT TUGAS and SPPD from participants as required;
  • Making sure all electronic devices are available and working properly;
  • Signed all advanced / reconciliation from PIC –Program prior /after receiving the cash for the event;
  • Stand by during the event for any troubleshooting;
  • Prepared and reconciled all the report, financial and other related documentation for each workshop /meeting by end of the day;
  • Consult and discuss any problem that may arise on the event with PIC program, or operation team;
  • Make sure to “clean up” all documents and equipment or return it to FHI 360- LINKAGES;
  • Performance any duties from the PIC Program as assigned.
Interested candidate please submit your application to [email protected] with the position title as the e-mail subject by the latest Tuesday, 10 March 2020.