Conservation International Job Consultant: GIS, Remote Sensing & Spatial Database Assistant, Jakarta


Working in 30+ countries globally, Conservation International (CI) Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to empowering societies to responsibly and sustainably care for nature for the good of humanity

We are constantly growing and expanding into areas new and old. We are currently looking Consultant to fill the following Terms below:

(code: GIS-Assistant)

As the world’s largest archipelago nation in area and population, Indonesia is highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. With 30% of the world’s mangroves (>3 million ha) and 22 million ha of peatlands, peat and mangrove ecosystems (PME) provide adaptation and resilience capacity for vulnerable communities, including coastal protection, flood control, water quality, and food security. Indonesia’s PMEs also boast some of the highest ecosystem carbon densities (mangroves=1,023 MgCha-1 and peatlands=2,658 MgCha-1) and hence great capacity for mitigation. However, PMEs are amongst Indonesia’s most threatened ecosystems including in the project pilot Provinces North Sumatera and West Papua. No peatlands in the North Sumatera and West Papua are protected, despite regulations requiring protection of deep peat. Less than 10% of West Papua’s mangroves are protected despite having the highest diversity of mangrove species in the world.

To address those challenges, Conservation International (CI) is just awarded a project called “Mitigation, Adaptation through Conservation and Sustainable Livelihoods in Indonesia’s Peat and Mangrove Ecosystems” funded under International Climate Initiative (IKI), Germany’s Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU). CI is the lead agency for implementing and executing the project along with partners, Wetland International and CIFOR. The project will increase climate change resilience of highly vulnerable communities and biodiversity, while substantially mitigating GHG emissions in Indonesia by accelerating large-scale conservation and effective management of PMEs. In the priority regions of North Sumatera and West Papua, the project will identify sustainable economic solutions to conserve PMEs that are critical for adaptation while building alternative livelihoods.

To implement the IKI and other projects, CI needs consultancy to provide technical support on Geographical Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS).

Expected consultant will support in the collection, storage, analysis, mapping, and imaging of spatial information across the program.

  • Support the maintenance of spatial database within CI Indonesia:
    • Update and enrich the spatial database with external spatial data relevant to program.
    • Organize and arrange the spatial database using ISO standards.
    • Ensure the spatial database is appropriately stored and regularly backed up.
  • Support spatial analysis as per program needs:
    • Initiate and complete the digitization for a range of mapping inputs.
    • Develop thematic maps for advance spatial analysis.
    • Support the analysis of remote sensing data (e.g. satellite images, drone aerial images) in order to assess land-use and land-cover.
    • Support the analysis for land-cover and forest and land asset.
  • Develop high quality maps for reports, presentations, and other communication materials as per program needs.
  • Develop catalogue for spatial database, include catalogue format.

TIMELINE: This Work will be effectively for approx. from March to October 2020.

  • Minimum bachelor’s degree in areas related to GIS and RS, fresh graduate from master’s degree also encourage to apply.
  • Minimum of 2-years’ experience in using GIS and RS.
  • Knowledge and experience with issues related to natural resources, landscape, conservation, and/or forestry.
  • Ability to work independently and in a group.
  • Good interpersonal skills and team working spirit.
Please send your Cover Letter along with your Resume (in PDF) to: [email protected]

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Closing date for the Quotation/application is 20 March 2020.

(Only short-listed candidates will be notified).