Care International Job Vacancy: Health and Hygiene Specialist, Bone - South Sulawesi



Promoting a Sustainable and Food Secure World (PROSPER) II project is a collaborative project between Cargill and Yayasan CARE Peduli which will be held in Bone Regency (South Sulawesi) and Serang Regency (Banten). This program aims to improve food and nutrition security as well as climate change resilience. PROSPER II Indonesia program will contribute to PROSPER International’s long-term goals, namely the reduction in the number of diarrhea and infectious diseases in elementary school students, teachers, parents, and surrounding communities. This program will be carried out in both cities for 36 months through several activities such as constructing/rehabilitating sanitation and clean water facilities; promoting clean and healthy behavior at school as well as improving clean and healthy eating behaviors. The Health and Hygiene Specialist shall be responsible to ensure appropriate quality, capacity building, future planning, and oversight over the health element in the project. This program is managed to achieve a reduction in the incidence of acute malnutrition among children in primary schools, enhanced macro and micronutrient status in vulnerable children, established and strengthened community-based child health promotion, and health services for children.

Duties and Responsibilities

Responsible on the Implementation of the Health-Related Activities (65 %):
  • Ensure the health program objectives are met within the designated time frame and budget
  • Ensure program planning and implementation is according to the set strategic plan, log frame and work plan, and is appropriate for all project sites;
  • Control the budget for Health in the project area: review and sign requisition orders, according to the program estimation budget;
  • Design a monitoring tool, based on the log frame and indicators, to ensure that an appropriate monitoring system is in place, and is being implemented by the Project Officer/team;
  • Provide monthly and quarterly reports to the Project Manager and ensure that reporting deadlines are met;
  • Consult with the Project Manager on technical matters related to the program, which would include detailed program planning, budget estimates, implementation of program activities based on the log frame, initiating appropriate strategies based on data gathered, needs assessment, survey results, or arising needs – if any;
  • Coordinate with Project Manager on matters related to program strategic planning, implementation of the log frame and work plan and technical standards for health;
  • Coordinate with Yayasan CARE Peduli technical team in Jakarta, in matters related to implementing guidelines for specific health programs, IEC materials, and others, for use in program implementation;
  • Conduct regular meetings with the team to evaluate program performance and achievement, and review program planning;
  • Follow established Yayasan CARE Peduli policies and procedures on programs, finance, HR/admin, logistic, and security;
Building and maintaining potential and strategic networking at District level (30%)
  • Advocate with and coordinate closely with government health staff (Province, District and village level) to encourage better health services by them;
  • Conduct regular assessment among government health staff (District and village level), and facilitate relevant trainings among District and village (Puskesmas) level staff, in coordination with appropriate training institutes;
  • Develop related health training materials and facilitate related training in coordination with government office;
  • Collect relevant data from government health staff, or other agencies to assist in program monitoring and evaluation;
  • When requested and whenever feasible, assist the District Health Officer, the Puskesmas or non-government organizations in special health projects, surveys and other activities;
  • Coordinate with other government agencies and non-government organizations as the need may arise, in relation to program implementation;
  • Advocate school WASH intervention to related government office and influence the budgeting;· Attend and participate in meetings in government and non-government agencies, when needed;
Other management responsibilities as required (5%)
  • Participate in Emergency Response Team (ERT) and Safety & Security Team subject to experience and competence and is ready to be assigned to the disaster site based on organization mandate in responding to such event.
  • Perform other duties that may reasonably be assigned in line with the position.
  • Bachelor degree in Public Health or medical health or any relevant background;
  • At least 5 (five) years working in a non-governmental organization and/or consulting company
  • Good communications skills, including negotiation skills;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, including patience, diplomacy, willingness to listen and respect for beneficiaries;
  • Experience in building partnerships with government and other civil society organizations.
  • Willing to spend a considerable amount of time in the field;
  • Ability to develop a relationship with various stakeholders
  • Able to give helpful directions, detailed instructions and demonstrations;
  • Able to negotiate and to clarify expectations of both the beneficiaries and team.
Strong presentation skills
Fluent in English (spoken and written) is preferable.

Closing Date: 27 May 2020

Email: [email protected]